View Full Version : New army, rejoining the game...

13-07-2007, 17:43
I'm still trying to decide what army I should get to end my exile (not played since high school, so about 8 years)...

I had an idea about collecting a Deathwatch army, basically space marines, accompanied by an Inquisitor and maybe some Grey Knights (I know thats not really all that fluffy) - maybe a special Ordo Xenos/Malleus thing with two Inquisitors and their retinues going after big xenos/chaos threats.

How does that sound to people - I liked playing as Marines before, and it would allow me a little more interesting stories - and with the arcane side it would be quite a test for my (rudimentary) painting and modelling skills.

Also, would I need to use Codex:Daemonhunters of would Codex:Space Marines do the job, if I just threw the Inquisitors in as a HQ unit or soething - of course not tournament legalm but I only play for fun and fluff arguments/discussions anyway.

13-07-2007, 21:11
You'd need the DHs codex so you knew what you could give your inquisitors and stuff.

Fluff wise though it would be quite appropiate - after all DHs would just be held back really by guard given that their basically marines but harder..

Fluff wise though it would only be sent against major xenos threats with potential chaos links or strong chaos armies/daemon infestations.

13-07-2007, 23:55
welcome back to the fold chris ,what ever army you go with im sure you will enjoy it.Just so you know ,alot of changes are comming towards the end of the year , so its going to be an exciting year !