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14-07-2007, 12:51
Okay, so i just started an HoC, and i need a 2,00 point army, and am trying to decide what units to use an how to eqiup them. I know i will have at least two units of chaos warriors, who will have 16 models each. I also want to have a chosen knight regiment. But, other than that, i don't know what other units tot throw in.

One idea that i had was to make both warrior regiments, and the knights regiment chosen. This would give me a "hammer" that i could do a ton of damage with (i.e. screning the knights with the warriors, sending one unit of warriors charging the front of the eney unit, and in the next turn hitting the same enemy unit with the knights in the flank or rear.) THen, i could include either a ton of basic warrior units, or a ton of maurader, or maurader on hordeback untis.

Your thoughs please.

14-07-2007, 14:00
One idea that i had was to make both warrior regiments, and the knights regiment chosen.Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can only have one unit of Chosen Warriors in addition to one unit of Knights.

It may help if you say what you want the army to play like - i.e. all infantry, all cavalery, a core of infantry with some cavalery to flank, primarilry cavalrey with some infantry to act as speed bumps, etc - or if you have a specific background in mind which will help shape the fluff. Also, do you want to be allied with a specific power, and do you want to risk investing in some daemons?

14-07-2007, 14:03
problem beeing that Knights and Warriors costs a fortune points wise, as well as the fact that you may have only one unit of Chosen Warriors and one unit nof Chosen Knights makes for a ruined plan.

What I would reckomend would be marauder blocks, large marauder blocks, and then a smaller group of warriors, a small group of 10-12 foot-daemons of your god (unless Nurgle or Tzeentch, then I'd go for Screamers or Nurglings). Now, add in two Spawns, two groups of Marauder Horsemen, an Exalted Champion and two sorcerors, and you've got an army.

The problem with it all beeing that you have to keep the numbers on your Warriors low and field them with the maximum frontage, remember, you have to be five wide, allowing a frontage of 6 warriors full fighting capacity against normal infantry, as chosen, additional handweapon or hallberds are to be reckomended allong with shields.

For further information, check either the tactica or the guide, both can be found in the sticky thread on this forum

14-07-2007, 19:31
Right, sorry about the rules problem, havn't really memorized the book HoC book yet. I am going to go undivided, since i don;t want to model deseased warriors, phycopathic warriors, or druggy warriors... :P

I got an army list that I am going to post in the army list section, thanks for the help.

15-07-2007, 02:37
You could go Tzeench, and model magic warriors?

15-07-2007, 13:48
If you want chosen knights they are very expensive and tend to draw all shooting/magic attacks. The best unit to screen them is a large unit of warhounds, they are fast moving so you don't lose distance, and at 6pts each are quite expendable. I'm with Neknoh on the marauders, armies built around warriors and knights are too small in numbers,too expensive per unit, cover too little of the board, are easily flanked, and vulnerable to shooting/warmachines. I play chaos and usually only have one or two units of warriors in 2500-3000 point games. One of my favorite units are 6 marauder horsemen with flails. I use them coordinated with another unit to smash units by flank charges or alone to kill shooting units or warmachines. They hit as hard as knights on the charge at 1/3 to 1/2 the cost. Good luck! Remember that the easiest way to win a fight is to CR the enemy off the board. With small numbers of expensive units you make it easy for your enemy to do this to you.

15-07-2007, 18:41
Yeah, i am going to ge tzeetch (i like flying disks :D). Going to use two units of 5 hounds each to screen the knights.

Thanks for all the help, the full list should be in the army list section in a couple of minutes.