View Full Version : Starplayers and future turnaments (stunty)

Deng Ham
14-07-2007, 15:41
I'm considering getting a star player to the team. But I don't want to spent cash on a player that I can't use "permanently" in the team. If I have to dich him later, I'll take a normal 'fling instead.

It's realy only Tenpole that can relpy. But it seems like the trend is that both wizards and stars will be a permanent part of the stunty future.

14-07-2007, 16:29
You seem to have misunderstood the bloodbowl rules on star players and wizards. You hire them for one match only. Yes they are expensive. They do not stay on your team rooster. They go after a game has been played.

Deng Ham
14-07-2007, 16:35
I must have been confused. I think I read something about hire one, and then having to pay to keep then in the team after each match. This way they could gain SPP and become even better.

But as it is not possible. Then I'll stick with a normal 'fling.