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Dwarf Longbeard
14-07-2007, 15:56

For a change I've been looking at using Azhag the Slaughterer as the general in my Orc & Goblin army (4000 points).
Now Azhag himself seems pretty good and has some good equipment but he's on a Wyvern which is usually enough to put people off with the whole thing of the general's leadership being out of range of the rest of the army; which is a fair enough point but there must be some good point to it?

So basically I was wondering what people's experience is using Azhag or even just the army general on a wyvern and is it really as much of a risk as it's always made out to be?

Crazy Harborc
14-07-2007, 20:21
Well.....when last I used him, the 7th E. Orc/Goblin armybook was new, very new. There was a decent amount of terrain(trees, high hills), I used it to conceal him. My opponent was more concerned with my giant and my boar boys. It wasn't the wyvern that did the job....it was Azhag:evilgrin:. His perks helped to win the battle.

17-07-2007, 14:38
I found him incredibly effective in combat and with his spell casting abilities as I rolled well on the Death magic table. Remember also, he's on a large target due to the Wyvern so I believe he can cast out of combat for ranged spells. Plus the fact of taking Death and making fear causing orcs is always a good thing!

Dwarf Longbeard
17-07-2007, 18:25
Thanks for the advice, sounds like he's a pretty good character and it'll make a change using a special character instead of a typical warlord, and the fact that he's a spell caster is a bit of a bonus.

17-07-2007, 23:02
Why make Azhag the general? IIRC you don't have to and a stupid general flying around on the other side of the table doesn't sound very tempting to me.

sun tzu
18-07-2007, 01:49
Why make Azhag the general? IIRC you don't have to and a stupid general flying around on the other side of the table doesn't sound very tempting to me.

IIRC there is nothing in the O&G book that says that any of the special characters have to be the general:wtf:

Sometimes i wonder if GW read their books before they start selling them

18-07-2007, 02:00
Thats true, but you would obviously have to take another character with at least the same leadership.

18-07-2007, 11:15
He's talking about a 4000 pt army, so I don't see that as a very big problem. Azhag is after all only Ld9. ;)

Dwarf Longbeard
18-07-2007, 19:39
Thanks for the replies

I've been working on the army a little and my other lord choices up to now are an Orc Great Shaman and a Goblin Warboss, and the plan was to use Azhag as the general because he's a little different from the average orc (love the Get On With It rule) the major drawback with him seems to be that he's on that Wyvern.
I guess it's a bit of a habit from 5th edition where some of the special characters had to be the army general.

The army itself though I'm using a loose theme normal troops and things so I'm only including Orcs (no Savage or Black) and just Common Goblins (even if they are costing me 5pts a piece:( ) and the types of things they would have such as chariots and artillery.
I just get sick of seeing GW pushing night goblins in front of almost all other orc & goblin things so thought i'd try something a little different

@ Avian I liked your O&G tactics page it's helped me make a few choices with my army