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14-07-2007, 18:37
A couple of issues regarding VC items.

Warrior Familiar:
It is clear that the hit from the Warrior Familiar comes before "always strikes first" attacks but after impact hits. It is unclear wether the hit is resolved before any challenge is declared, though it seems reasonable that it comes after.

There is also the issue of two opposing wizards with the same item fighting each other. It seems necessary to resolve which takes priority in some way. A roll-off seems appropriate, unless there a presendent exists.

Talon of Death:
It is conceivable that the effect of the Talon will kill off the entire unit charged by the character, e.g. with the character charging a single model with a single wound remaining.

Will the character be eligible for an overrun?

Edit: Actually, this situation can occur in any number of ways: the target unit being destroyed before the close combat phase.


14-07-2007, 18:51
Warrior familiar : In my chaos book it says the warrior familiar strikes its blow at the beginning of the combat,before any blows are struck.
If both opponents have one then you would roll for it.
(Im assuming the wording is the same in the VC book)

Talon of death : The hits(and subsequently kills) caused are not in the combat phase.
However,overrun merely states that you charge and for the enemy to be destroyed completely before the end of that turns combat,so you would be allowed to overrun if the oppertunity presented itself.

14-07-2007, 19:19
Talon of Death: Agreed. I guess I over-finked it. :)