View Full Version : Building High Elves - preliminary 2000 points

14-07-2007, 23:52
I'm building up a high elf force and this is my preliminary 2000 point list. It's based partly on what I already own, and partly on what I've got on order; that's why some of the numbers look funny. Any and all suggestions are welcome since I'm still in the early stage of the build


Archmage - lvl 4, jewel of the dusk, dispel scroll


Commander - great weapon, heavy armor, radiant gem of hoeth, pure of heart

Commander - elven steed w/ ithilmar barding, sword of might, ring of fury (fury of khaine)


16 archers

16 spearmen - full command

8 silver helms - full command


18 swordmasters of hoeth - full command

8 dragon princes of caledor - full command


20 phoenix guard - full command

I think I'm a little short on infantry, but I just love the dragon prince models. I'm also a little light on shooting and have a bolt thrower I could throw in. What direction do you Warseer folks think I should take with this?

Thanks in advance.


15-07-2007, 00:16
perhaps make room for another unit of spearmen? you really do not have much close combat in there. Some more ranged might also be a good thing to get as well.