View Full Version : bored lizardman army list any good?

Imperial Dragon
15-07-2007, 09:39
Old blood -light armour, Mirror Shield, Sword of the Hornet, Spawning of Quetzl, Aura of Quetzl

Skink Priest- Level 2, Cube of Darkness

Skink Priest- Level 2, Diadem of Power, Dragonfly of Quicksilver

Skink Priest- Level 2, Rod of Storm, Scout

19 Saurs- Full Command, Spawning of Quetzl (run with the old blood)

20 Saurs - Full command

13 skinks (javelin and shield)

10 skinks- scout (blowpipes)

10 skinks- scout (blowpipes)

4 Kroxigors

3 salamanders

3 Terradons

Total - 1996 pts

think this army list would be worth ever getting one day?

18-07-2007, 00:24
i like your list :-) but i would drop the sword of the hornet and replace it with a Great weapon so 5 S7 atks and Charm of the Jaguar for moving 9 or Bane Head for character killing. Another point to consider woul dbe dropping 1 priest for a scar vet as army standard, re-rollin on 3d6 wit low ld is usall quite good.