View Full Version : Brets, with a twist:

16-07-2007, 02:09
Does anyone know if an all reasant bret force would work for say, 2000 points? THey would kinda be the IG of fantasy.

Your thoughts

16-07-2007, 02:33
From expierience (a small amount) it'd be more like kroot merc's, with out the jungle rule.

At 2000 pts your lack of high strength attacks and low leadership will hurt, even if there is a lot of peasants.

16-07-2007, 04:23
Any other horde army would mess you up in a straight fight. Peasants basically have the statline of a skaven slave, with slightly higher leadership. If you take some knights, they may be more effective. With the Brettonian rules you are required to take atleast one unit of Knights, though, which will allow you to have some additional leadership in the field. I would also assume that the Battle Standard would be put in this unit of knights.

Now, taking a quick look at the army composition, the following units are Peasants:


Additionally, you may be able to argue that the Grail Reliquary could be a peasant unit.

Now, with these units you do have the four basic units of warhammer: infantry, archers, cavalry and warmachines. This means that in theory you could field an army with atleast all of the basic tactical components. Trebuchets could be used to take out enemy units since they are basically glorified stone throwers and possibly be used against opposing cavalry. Blocks of infantry would make up the battle line with Yeomen readying flank charges. Bowmen could be used, but with the shear number of units you'll have on the table, it may be tough.

With the lack of leadership amoung peasants, it seems as though you'd have to rely on strong characters to carry the team. Paladins would need to be placed in units, if possible, to maximize damage and hold the regiments.

The biggest enemy this army will face is probably panic checks, due to the leadership issues mentioned endlessly, and the horrid weapon skills of Men-At-Arms units. The only way I can see this type of army working effectively is if you play them similar to Vampire Counts, using large blocks to hold up opposing units until cavalry can flank charge and turn the tide.

Over all it's a doable army, but very challenging. It's one Bret army that I don't think anyone would call overpowered, atleast.