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Chaplain Mortez
16-07-2007, 06:05
I am trying to make an army list to take to tournaments, as well as hold my own in pick-up games. I have experimented over the last couple of years to no avail on maintaining such a list. Here is what I'm currently wanting to work on:

Lords and Heroes

Blood Mage Sylvanos
• Level 4 Archmage
• Silver Wand
• Ring of Corin
• 300 pts.

Truthsayer Elrik
• Uses a rare slot
• 265 pts.

Spell Breaker Aral
• Commander
• Barded Elven steed
• Heavy Armor
• Enchanted Shield
• Sword of Might
• Guardian Phoenix
• Pure of Heart
• 141 pts.

Spell Breaker Lithios
• Commander
• Battle-Standard Bearer
• Barded Elven steed
• Heavy Armor
• Helm of Fortune
• 141 pts.


• 20 Spearmen
• Full Command
• 250 pts.

• 20 Spearmen
• Full Command
• 250 pts.

• 5 Silver Helms
• Full Armor
• 115 pts.

• 6 Silver Helms
• Full Armor
• 138 pts.

• 6 Silver Helms
• Full Armor
• 138 pts.


• 14 Sword masters of Hoeth
• Standard Bearer
• Musician
• Banner of Sorcery
• 250 pts.

• Tiranoc Chariot, 85 pts.

• 5 Shadow Warriors, 75 pts.

• 2 Great Eagles, 100 pts.

Edit: 2,248 points total

First things first, lords and heroes. I personally am not a fan of spending 130 points on scroll caddies, so I decided to bite the bullet and take two characters that could put up some real magic defense and spit out a lot in my magic phase. The solution was an Archmage with a silver wand (5/6 spells in any lore) and the Ring of Corin (a magic item that eats other magic items? Never leave home without it), along with a Truthsayer from Dogs of War. The truthsayer's personal lore provides some great magic buffs for high elves (such as the 5+ ward) that can really give high elf spearmen some staying power. While I'm not too sure, I'm pretty confident that the +1 to dispell on both characters stacks, for a total of +2. That and having 6 dispell (2 for a lv. 4, 2 for a lv. 3, and two because) is enough to keep most armies at bay. In addition, I'm looking at 10-12 power dice plus a bound item. With these two, the magic phase is mine. Note that the lore of the archmage changes depending on the opponent (although usually I go with shadow or metal).

My third character is a 1+ save, 5+ ward monster meant to give the unit of 5 helms some "oomf." I find that him, a single unit of helms, and the chariot will break about any unit on the charge. I am still debating however, whether or not pure of heart should go on him or one of the other High Elf characters.

The battle standard can go either with a unit of spearmen or some silver helms. He goes with the spearmen when I need to set up flank charges, thus needing static combat resolution to stay. I'm thinking that this is the best role for him. Previously, I was putting him in a unit of 20 silverhelms and the Banner of Battle, but I found that to be overkill. Plus, the price of the said magic banner was quite spendy and I couldn't take any magic items (max of a 3+ save), so I dropped it and picked up the helm of fortune.

With Intrigue at the court, I'm always going to get a Ld. 9 character (note that the Truthsayer is still affected by I@tC). I forgot to mention that the Truthsayer will go into a unit of spearmen to get them to hold, and the archmage has a shadow warrior body gaurd. I think with pure of heart, the battle standard, and leadership 9, my army should be pretty stable in terms of moral and psychology.

For core, I never use anything less than 40 spearmen, mainly because it forms a nice battle line and can set up flanks for my support units. Being high elves, this is just the cheapest thing to do for static combat resolution. Despite what gets posted online, spearmen can eat most infantry alive, such as goblins and marauders. But I do realize that they will NOT hold off a unit of chaos choosen or heavy infantry, such as dwarves.

The three units of silverhelms are there to provide the spearmen support and take table corners, and go war machine hunting if they have to. I have experimented a lot with silverhelms, and this is the first time I'm running three units under 8. I've tried 2 units of 10 w/ F.C, 4 units of 5 w/ no armor upgrades, a big unit of 20, 2 units of 8 and a unit of 5, but alas, I am down to this configuration. Any tips on this particular portion of the list would be certainly appreciated. I'll just have to try this out.

Normally, I run a big unit of 20+ swordmasters, but the points in this build will only allow for 14. So far, their only role in the army is to protect the banner (I don't have a unit of dragon princes yet, otherwise that would be what I'd be using). However, I do think that they can be effective at providing support for the spearmen or even body guarding the truthsayer if I decide to switch things up.

The chariot is in there to provide the same role as the silverhelms, and the shadow warriors as a body gaurd for the mage. I was really torn about losing the shadow warriors and the enchanted shield off the commander and taking a second chariot (my mage rarely gets killed--I keep him well-hidden). However, there have been a lot of dwarf and empire players at my store lately, so I figured that the chariot would be a liability and the warriors a plus (scout and go kill some artillery crews).

I had a similar struggle with trying to decide between a bolt thrower or 2 eagles. I decided on eagles because they are a little bit harder to kill than two T3 elves and can fly, march block, kill crews, and do a nasty trick I pulled off the other night--charging a unit behind a unit that's about to break under the helms and chariot, thus allowing them to go again. I think that the eagles would also help me control more of the movement phase, as well as kill enemy mages to swing the magic phase.

For deployment, this army is small enough to set up all on one side of the board and try to destroy single elements of the enemy army at a time. The spears go in the middle, with swords either in between them (so that if the turn a little bit, I can flank) or directly on their side. Silver helms go with the chariot on a flank to bring down a swift hammer, with the spears being the anvil. Birds hold back or advance as necessary, and same goes with the shadow warriors.

I haven't tried this list yet, but it looks pretty solid. All comments and criticism are welcome. However, if you do suggest any units be swapped out, here is a list of my current models that I would prefer to use (note that this list does not include anything already in the list):

4 additional spearmen
~6-8 helms (can't remember off the top of my head and unpainted)
1 commander on horse
1 Lord on a dragon
2 mages
9 additional swordmasters
20 phoenix gaurd (unpainted)
30 archers(half-painted)
1 chariot
2 repeater bolt throwers
10 Ellyrian Reavers (unpainted)

Note that I would like to stay away from unpainted units as well, because I want to try and get a working, painted army down first (although, with good enough reasons, I will still consider what you all have to say).


16-07-2007, 06:11
i like that you dont have repeaters... to many elves rely soley on them... i would say if your not going to have characters with the units, up the spearmen to 24-30 strong... i like 28 in a 7x4 formation personally... and also up the swordmaster to a more fightable and respectable number... thats pretty much it from me... i think its a fair list that will give both you and your oppenent a good chance at wining... it is versitile incase you have some crazy scenarios... and not overpowered anywhere really... good job...

Chaplain Mortez
16-07-2007, 06:21
I've tinkered about with having huge blocks of infantry, and I think I'll give the 7x4 a go in a test game of 1500 points just to see how it does. However, going with 16 additional spearmen AND upping the number of swordmasters is points that is going to have to come from somewhere else. Perhaps if I get rid of a character (battle-standard)?

16-07-2007, 17:21
I must say that is a pretty balanced list as far as higfh elf's go.

7 magic lvls off 2 charecter anit too nice tho

I would also go with the wider frontage formation of 7 x 4, just better really

gl :D