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16-07-2007, 06:59
against my better judgment, I've decided to collect a OK warband.

I know pretty much everything I'll need model-wise should be in the Battleforce box. But how Do I use it?

for starters does this sound good for a beginning 200pt warband

4 Ogre bulls- Ogre clubs and a Crusher-160
20 knoblars- 40pts

should i go with less Gnoblars, and more ogres, Or should drop a few gnoblars and give my ogres some equpment(ironfists/2nd hand weapon)?

for later i was thinking of converting a few of the extra gnoblars into trappers, and I have an old chaos ogre I could turn into a Man-eater I could use as a commander.

16-07-2007, 07:26
The second hand weapon for your ogre's sounds about right.

Something to consider is heavily convert your ogre's, they should be portrayed as individual's, easy to remember their names by sight. things like beards, hats/bandanna's, weapons, background, clothes, tattoo's and piercings. Trust me it's a lot of fun and adds to the atmosphere in the games you play when your opponents start to recognize them as well.

16-07-2007, 07:47
nah... man-eaters are the only ogres that deserve a name and personality.

So if I drop some gnoblars(like 8) I should be able to afford to give my ogres extra had weapons.


4 Ogre Bulls- 2nd hand-weapons and a Crusher
12 gnoblars-largely insignificant


You now... after some reading, I don't really like ironfists. Since when I pay for them I count as having a handweapon and an Ironfist. So Do I lose the club?

Considering one of my opponents is a dwarf player, that sucks. I like the opportunity inflict another -1 to his armor save, or have an additional attack(my other friend is going to play O&G's)

it probably wont be until the 400pt range that i'll upgrade to a man-eater. An Ogre Champion is pretty dang bad-ass and I'll need all of the numbers I can get(I might have to buy another box of gnoblars!).

16-07-2007, 08:09
?, Yes you lose the clubs affects if you take an iron fist or an additional hand weapon, that's mainly why people don't often take iron fists, I tend to be from the iron gut school of thought however.
I'd still prefer the odds of landing another attack on a 4+ save?, then 1 on a 5+.

Something else i also do is run 3 as a unit, and one ogre as an individual, sometimes and inch away from the other ogre's or right down one flank for monster purposes.

16-07-2007, 15:26
I read the faq and they don't give up their clubs. You just have to nominate that your just using the clubs over other options.