View Full Version : Foam Layers For AI

16-07-2007, 18:42

I have just recived a load of thin foam about 2cm thick and have large spaces like the gw standard foam but would need to be cut down to fit into a standard case and the foam would need to be cut to fit the planes in depending on which planes you use, i've used it for my eldar and it works well. i'm just trying to gage interest befor putting them on ebay. when i get the exact sizes i'll post them. any interest let me know.

16-07-2007, 21:53
So are you cuting the shap of the plains out befor you put the foam on ebay?

17-07-2007, 13:39
it already has pre cut sections but you will need to cut nore out to fit planes that you want to put in there. will hopefully have the sizes and stuff on here tonight.