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17-07-2007, 10:05
Maybe this is obvious to other people. Maybe it has been asked before. A quick search yielded nothing.

Per RAW, it appears to me that Chaos Steeds in a unit of Chosen Chaos Knights are also chosen and thus also get another attack. "All models in a unit of chose wear chaos armor and have an additional attack on their profile." As mounts do count as models in the unit, and though chaos armor does nothing for them, it looks to me like they get an extra attack.

My question is clearly thus: Am I wrong? What prevents chosen steeds from gaining an extra attack? Is this how everyone else has always been playing and I just didn't notice? ETC.

Note, before answering snidely like I am a dumbass, that I have not mentioned Khorne at all, and yes, I do know that Mark of Khorne doesn't give frenzy to mounts. I just have an issue with the definition of "Model" and whether or not mounts are included in the statement that seems to include everything with a profile in the unit.

I just got the hordes book yesterday and I want to make sure that I understand everything about it before I play, or failing that, enough that I don't end up extremely confused.

17-07-2007, 10:26

Your error is, that Steeds are not models. They are just steeds. And no, they will not gain an extra attack.

Just the Models gain an extra Attack, i.e. the Cavalry model as a whole.

Although I would love to see you giving it to the Steed: S4I4 is better for me than S5I5 :D


17-07-2007, 13:57
Per the 7th ed FAQ, "model" only refers to the rider in cases such as these.

Otherwise you get regenerating dragons with a 4+ ward save....

17-07-2007, 21:25
Alright, thanks. I figured it was something like that.