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Major King
18-07-2007, 13:38
Hey guys,

I've been following the inquisitor system for about 2 years now spending time pouring over the rulebook and so on and played a couple of games here and there. But im now wanting to run a campaign set on an Imperial world that i am currently writing the background for:


But i am stuck coming up with a starting point, the world has a arge mutant population and there are a number of mutant 'guerilla' groups on the planet causing trouble for the locals, perhaps a bit of Chaos worshipping too.

I'm wanting to run a narrative game with two or more inquisitors over a period of three to four months. Does anyone have any tips, ideas or sage advice to help me out on this?


18-07-2007, 16:26
Check out the FAQs at Within - without - Beyond (http://www.geocities.com/precinctomega/inquis/faq.htm). I wrote a fair amount there about how to get started.