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19-07-2007, 18:09
iv recently played a dark elf player who used nothing but cold ones, dark riders and chariots, with small units of archers for support and it got me thinking if my lizard man army could do similar, as im use to playing tomb kings i dont move much so with a new army comes new tatics so im curious if theres anyone out there who plays a fast moving lizardman army?? and those who do, is this list any good? or just a disater waiting to happen?

General - Saurus Old Blood 479

Great Weapon
Light Armour
The Maiming Shield
Venom of the Firefly Frog
Aura of Quetzl
Spawning of Itzl, Quetzl, Sotek
Mounted on Carnosaur

Hero - Saurus Scar-Vereran 205

Burning Blade of Chotec
Light Armour
Enchanted Shield
Talisman of Protection
Battle Standard Bearer
Spawning of Itzl, Quetzl
Mounted on Cold One

Hero - Saurus Scar-Vereran 175

Shield of the Mirrored Pools
Light Armour
Biting Blade
Spawning of Itzl, Quetzl
Mounted on Cold One

Core - 10 Skink - Brave 65
Core - 10 Skink 60

Special - 6 Saurus Cavalry 285

Full Command
War Banner

Special - 6 Saurus Cavalry 260

Full Command

Rare - Stegadon 235
Rare - Stegadon 235

Total 1,999

im thinking the main idea with this list would be a stegadon on either flank, General in the middle, and the Cav on either side (each with a vet) leaving skink to move about between.

any thoughts on if this list would work fail etc? am assuming itd be easily beat by magic heavy armies, but in HTH i think it could do ok.

19-07-2007, 18:55
37 models..... I have units larger than that! The loss of a Steg or the general to a lucky cannon shot or similar early on could break the back.

Heavy missile armies could pick off your units and leave you with a few hard hitters that get caught up up in big units.

On the other hand... Scary stuff! Wouldn;t like to see it being put down in front of me!

19-07-2007, 19:02
With only 2 dispell dice and no dispell scrolls, anyone with normal magic will eat you. Atleast get spawning of tepok on some characters.


19-07-2007, 19:52
Your troops are too slow to play as a "fast" army. Not only will they get chewed up by shooting, but the shooting will have nothing to distract them. I mean, your skinks don't even scout, you have no JSoD, nor any terradons. When running so few models, war machines will be a large problem, and right now you have no way to deal with that. Things that ignore armor saves will also be a problem, like most breath weapons, Poisoned Wind Globadiers, Jezzails, etc...

Also, the shield of the mirrored pools is a better buy on the carnosaur, as he will be soaking up all the fire. Oh, and the fact that no missiles will be targeting the hero because HE IS IN A UNIT.

Did I mention you have no magic defence?

19-07-2007, 20:47
Fast moving army ...

Slan 4th gen plac of protection etc.
skink cheif x 2
typical magic set up
saurus scar vet with charm of the jaguar and great weapon

4 x 10 man unit sof skinks

2 x 3 man units of salamanders

2x 3 kroxies i think you get :S

and some teradons

Im pretty certain you can get this in 2k just gotta tweak the items

19-07-2007, 20:53
i knw i have no magic defense lol but the mirrored pool also protects the unit aswell as the character. movement 7 and 6 isnt that slow and i am comparing this fun list to a tomb king list (M4 woo!) as for distracting 2 stegadons and a carnosaur should distract most shooting, but in my def most games i play are on heavy forested/terrained tables. but i do see 37models being very weak but this was just a fun list i thought about using as it takes one of the best features of lizardmen into play (DINOSAURS).

Over all i think this army would b in combat turn 2/3 and when it hits it should hit pretty dam hard :-) but like i said this is just a fun army for a fun game ( and thinking outside the box makes it al the more fun)

19-07-2007, 20:59
mmm now u mention dinosars..... screw my list and do urs :D