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19-07-2007, 20:02
Does any one know if in a high elf sea patrol the two seaguard and sea rangers unit are still compulsory.

EDIT: Sorry, I ment border patrol

19-07-2007, 21:28
Probably, but when I was asking about Sea Guard I was warned that the list gets boring/annoying quick.(just a warning)

19-07-2007, 21:38
2+ Sea Rangers and your minimum core choices must be Sea Guard are the restrictions.

20-07-2007, 06:09
The list is pretty boring and tedius, can be effective but it is just standig their shooting, But yes as the list hasn't been updated or discountinued its rules are still the same

20-07-2007, 07:30
yeah hopefully when the new book comes out, we might know if they pulled the 0-1restriction from the sea-guard.

Though it'll be pretty tough since they might be made into a specials choice.