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19-07-2007, 23:24
Been toying around with this one lately and its does fairly well. Just looking for some feedback to maybe make it better.

Exalted Champ (Slaanesh)
Chaos Steed
Book of Secrets (Fire, I roll to try and get the flame sword, if not just take the basic MM)
Cost 180

Bray Shaman (Slaanesh)
Level 2
Brat Staff
Power Familiar
Cost 186

Bray Shaman (Slaanesh)
Level 2
Bray Staff
Spell Familiar
Power Stone
Cost 176

Chaos Knights (Slaanesh) x5 (General Here)
Full Command
War Banner
Cost 320

Marauder Horsemen x6
Cost 96

2x Chaos Hounds x5
Cost 60

Beast Herd x20 (Shamans here)
12 Gors
2 weapons
8 Ungors
Full Command
Cost 151

Mounted Daemonettes x5
Cost 150

Chaos Furies x7
Cost 105

Spawn of Slaanesh
Cost 75

PD: 8, DD: 6
Total Cost: 1499

I tend to set more towards one or the other flank while using the Mounted Daemonettes and Spawn to tie up the far side. I usually have magic superiority and if I'm lucky enough to roll the Slaanesh frenzy spell I use the power stone to cast it last on the turn my knights charge allowing them to blow through most enemy units. The Beast Herd count is the way it is due to the way they come in the box. I used to proxy them with the reverse ratio though I've been more impressed with them the way they are now and probably will keep them that way in the future. Thoughts or comments?

20-07-2007, 10:08
have you ever tried the combo .....
armour of damnation on a exalted champion
then in a unit of 4-5 chosen knight u take the slanes banner thast gives the unit spores (half wepaon skill)

makes ppl attacking hitting on 5's with a re-roll all successfull hit on champion in armour

20-07-2007, 12:33
When choosing defensive gear I normally will go with the Gaze of the Gods since I feel a ward save is better than an armor save. I used to use the Rapturous Standard but I tend to use the War banner now unless playing 2k and up or just have the points to spare.

20-07-2007, 14:00
erm . its still a nasty combo tho, if only for a flanking unit or taking on carecers who will only be hitting 1 in 9 times ... bit scary :p