View Full Version : 1k Tzeentch Beasts

20-07-2007, 11:35
1 Wargor w/ Mark of Tzeentch, Great Weapon, Chaos Armour and Spell Familiar. 159 points
1 Wargor BSB w/ Mark of Tzeentch, The Gore Banner and Heavy Armour

Beast Herd w/ 12 Gors (1 Foe-Render), 8 Ungors
10 Bestigors w/ Mark of Tzeentch

13 Centigors
5 Screamers


15-08-2007, 03:24
i think 13 centigors is a bit of overkill, try breaking them down, and some minataurs would provide i nice hard hitter and another power die with MoT