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20-08-2005, 01:27
I wanted to try my hand at a small Chaos list. I put together this 1500 point list with the idea that at some point I would be adding a Demon of some kind to lead it ( I have to find an excuse to put that sweet Balkor model in anarmy). I have some questions too that I will save to the end. The champion listed below will soon be blessed by Tzeentch to give me some magic power. Nothing is marked right now well, it is all undivided I should say. I am not sure what to give the boss for magic items to make him death incarnate, or whether the arms for the units are good. They seem to be to me, but I have only played Empire before this.

Exhalted Champion of Chaos 118
Chaos Steed

5 Chaos Chosen Knights
full comand

2x5 Marader Horsemen

20 Chaos Warriors
Full Comand

2x20 Marauders
Full comand
Light armor

2x5 Warhounds

at this point I still have 253 points left to make my 1500. 50 of which could be maagic items for the boss. Any help wit my rampaging horde of Norsyca would be apreciated. :evilgrin:

Screamin Daemon
20-08-2005, 01:49
I think that is a well balanced list. I would suggest dropping the daemonic steed to a regular horse, and making the chosen knights regular knights (if you can call chaos knights normal at all...).

I would equip your hero with the Helm of Many Eyes and a great weapon. Attacking first with S7 is nothing short of rediculous.

I had a unit of 5 furies with my mortal list. They were there to slow down enemy troops, and maybe go war machine hunting.

I have this thing with tzeentch mortals, either you go big or don't go at all. I don't think your list would fare well with the mark of tzeentch. That many marauders and big blocks of warriors do not give you many extra dice, which is what tzeentch relies upon. I would strongly recomend you take a look at the other three, at least with this list you have here.

So, if you add in the HOME and the furies, I think you have something around 150 points to play with. That comes out to a second unit of knights I believe....

20-08-2005, 04:28
The list is going to stay Undivided. I am going to add in a Demon (either Prince or Exhalted) with the gift that lets him lead mortals. The Exhalt Champ will get the Tzeentch mark simply to use, what I think is the better lore. I know the Chosen Knights are kind of a sink right now, but I really want that hammer unit. I thank you for the advice and will take everything into consideration.

20-08-2005, 12:44
The problem with such a hammer unit is that it is a huge points sink and every bit of shooting will be drawn to it in turn 1. I love it when my opponent takes an expensive uber unit and bases his battle plan on it's performance.Depending on which of my armies I'm playing, I'll pound all shooting into that unit or march block it and pummel it with overwhelming force after killing it's neighboring units.Or smack it with a heavy horse unit with a couple of good combat characters.You do your opponent a favor by putting so many points into a unit with 5 wounds.Other than that, it seems a good list to me (I like marauder heavy armies)although a bit of magic would not be amiss.

20-08-2005, 17:40
I am wise enough to not allow aaa unit like the Chosen Knights to be right out front where it can easily be targeted by shooting. I play Empire now, as I said, and am quite well versed in shooting enemy units to pieces.

I think that with the Marauder Horse and Warhounds I have plenty of screening to deal with some shooting. If I add some furies which seems aa good idea then I can try to get them after warmachine crews early on to keep some more of the shooting off of me. With little shooting at all in a Chaos list, I know that I have to close with my opponent asap.

Varian Nuncio
20-08-2005, 18:52
I would also agree with the others that you're putting to many points into the knights. But also you have only 3 units of 20 non mounted troops in a 1500 point army list, most of them being marauders. You have both warhounds and marauder horsemen and all of which are small 5 men groups now that's just asking for trouble. First spouts of arrow fire and those units are going to break. Even with the chosen's 1+ save they will still fail on a roll of 1 regardless.

22-08-2005, 13:54
any chance for some help other than the removal of the Chosen status on my knights? I was thinking I would add a chariot with some of the points from the 253 I have yet to spend for 1500. Maybe even bulk up the Marauder horse to 10 each too. Any thoughts?