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21-07-2007, 19:16

Ok so i have gone through many pads of paper scrawling down army list after army list for the empire and i think i have found one that i really like and would work quite well. After the warhammer online and mark of chaos videos i have gone crazy for warrior priests hence the lord choice.

Arch Lector of Sigmar- Armour of Meteoric Iron, Holy Relic, Van Horstmanns Speculum, Two Handed Warhammer= 231

Battle Wizard- 2nd Level Wizard, 2 Dispel Scrolls= 150

Battle Wizard- 2nd Level Wizard, Rod of Power= 130

Warrior Priest- Second Warhammer, Heavy Armour= 98

28 Swordsmen- Full Command= 193 (4 ranks of 7)
Detatchment- 10 Free Company= 50

28 Halberdiers- Full Command= 160 (4 ranks of 7)
Detatchment- 10 Free Company= 50

10 Handgunners= 80

5 Knights= 115

5 Knights= 115

20 Flagellants= 200

5 Pistoliers- Outrider, Repeater Pistol= 107

20 Flagellants= 200

Helstorm Rocket Battery= 115

TOTAL- 1994

This army is pretty big, and has something in every phase, the basic plans are pretty simple, infantry with A.Lector and W.Preist hold the middle with the flagellant units on either flank, knights counter/flank charge as and when, pistoliers/helstorm/handgunners pour fire into biggest threats, to be honest it depends what im facing but thats a pretty 'take on all comers' setup. the army has a very good magical defence and a good magic offence i think it would do really well, i have chosen free company for detachments to fit the characters and because the extra attacks they throw in over the other choices, and i really like the flagellant models and in-game they are pretty hard and very reliable.

have a look tell me what you think all c&c welcome but im pretty happy with it :)