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21-07-2007, 19:20
I'm just wanting to see what people think of this list. I'm writing it off of memory so bare with me.

4th Geb slann w/ extra spell, diadem, "spell familer" and BSB w/ fear banner
skink priest 2nd lvl w/ cube of darkness
scar-vet w/ nike shoes and 5+ ward and GW. armour and attack mark
skink chief w/ sword of might and fly cloak. attack mark

16 Temple Guard w/ full comand
20 Saurus warriors w/ full comand
20 Saurus warriors w/ full comand
11 jav skinks w/ scout
3 kroc
6 camo skinks w/ stalker


I've used the list twice so far and have done well both times. The skink chief and scar-vet are intended to be a warmachine killers. But both times i fought against chaos so the scar vet stayed in a saurus unit for extra punch. (once charge out to WTF :wtf: own a chariot). And the skink chief got killed first game 2nd turn by a fury charge and killed 2 spawns the second game.

Anythoughts on the list? I'm wondering if it is a "cheesy" list and if so what can i change to bring it down. Or what should i swap out. I can field any lizzy unit outside of lustria and southland lists.

warlord hack'a
22-07-2007, 12:56
well your unit count is very low, versus enemies with shooting you will lose a lot of expensive models as you have no cheap models to soak up attacks. IF the enemy manages to survivie your first two rounds of magic relatively well then you might be in for trouble. Perhaps you can drop the kroc for some more support units to up the number of units you have? E.g. against my O&G list you will have deploeyd your enitre army and I will have fielded only 4 units of fast cav and my wolfriders, meaning I can concentrate my real force at whatever part of your army I like. A few smaller skins units can help you solve this problem so that makes sure that you actually have expensive enemy units in LOS to blast with your magic (although of course lore of heaven needs no LOS if I remember correctly.).

how many casting dice have you got?

22-07-2007, 15:46
I'd say the sme as warlord hack'a, low unit count. What I'd do is drop the kroxigor unit for 2 units of 13 Skinks, then use the extra points to beef up your unit of chameleon skinks. If that unit is good enough, the flying skink becomes redundant, and so you can cut him to add some salamanders or something.

23-07-2007, 03:39
The kroc's haven't done much for me in the two games i played mostly scared some chaos hounds and furies. So i could see about dropping them for something else. With the rest of the army i more or less keep them very close together to stay within my Slann's leadership aura. I move forward blast some spells and wait or make some charges. Also this might change when i play against a different army. Chaos doesn't have much in the way of shooting and first game only had one level 2 guy. second game was a bit better match with one level four and two level 2s.

As to my own magic, I have 9 power dice and can save two to make it 11 if needed. I've been taking lore of metal and lore of light (since he was running daemons). Which can make a nasty little combo in combat with Dazzling Brightness and Transmutation of Lead. But I will have to get back to you guys on how i do against different armies.

Also lore of heavens does require LOS but there "magic missiles" have no range.