View Full Version : 2,000pts lizardman list anything wrong??

Imperial Dragon
22-07-2007, 08:31
my 2,000 points army list

say what you want about it.

scouts will run all on one flank while the salamanders and kroxigors with the teradons all on the other a unit of skinks with preist protect my sarus's in the middle. (the old blood will deploy closer to the scout skinks)

Old blood -light armour, shield, Blade of revered Tzunki, Spawning of Quetzl, Aura of Quetzl 261pts

Skink Priest- Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Scout 135pts

Skink Priest- Level 2, Diadem of Power, Dragonfly of Quicksilver 150pts

Skink Priest- Level 2, Rod of Storm, Scout 135pts

19 Saurs- Full Command, Spawning of Quetzl (run with the old blood) 270pts

20 Saurs - Full command 282pts

15 skinks (javelin and shield) 78pts

10 skinks- scout (blowpipes) 70pts

10 skinks- scout (blowpipes) 70pts

4 Kroxigors 232pts

3 Terradons 105pts

3 salamanders 195pts

Total - 2000 pts

anyone think anything needs changing?

maybe swaping a skink prist over etc......

anything you want to say, say it

22-07-2007, 14:53
I can't see skink priests doing enough hurt w/o a Slann to justify taking 3 of them. Leave them as scroll caddys, not spellcasters. Besides, your scouting skinks will last long enough to get maybe 1 spell off, which can't be that powerful, and if it's really critical, then the opponent will just dispel it and take the pain from other sources.

I'd cut back on your priests, they are primarily magic defence and to support the slann; they cannot be your bread and butter spellcasters. Drop at least one and then tweak the others and put in a JSoD or a BSB.

Oh, and 15 skinks with javs cost 90 points, not 78. Maybe you meant 13.