View Full Version : 2000 point chaos undivided mortal list fun not competative.

the eater of pie
23-07-2007, 15:20

chaos lord daemonic mount, gaze of the gods, blade of blood, enchanted shield 335


aspiring champion book of secrets,bsb 145

soreceror level 2, 2 scrolls, steed 186

sorceror level 2, power familiar 170


20 chosen warriors of chaos shields, full comand, war banner 475

20 marauders of chaos shields, light armour, full comand 165

5 marauder horsemen flails, musician and champion, thowing axes105

5 marauder horsemen flails, musician and champion, thowing axes105

5 chosen knights of chaos full comand 255

5 warhounds of chaos 30

5 warhounds of chaos 30

there you have it please comment

cheers, the eater of pie

the eater of pie
24-07-2007, 11:35
can someone please help and comment on this. this is what i am going to do for TOP and i dont want to waste money on things i shouldn't get.

cheers, the eater of pie

24-07-2007, 11:48
Hi, my only comments would be about the marauder cavalry (as only been playing my Tzeench army a while), don't take full command. Take the muscian to help rally and also take throwing axes. No one expects a throwing axe! The banner is too tempting a target for easy victory points.

the eater of pie
24-07-2007, 11:52
ok thanks.

the eater of pie

27-07-2007, 04:40
Seems like a fun list, I would suggest making at least the warhound unit a single one instead of two small ones since that means you get a rank bonus and are less likely to panic. :)

27-07-2007, 05:45
I would try to find points to give the Knights a Warbanner

27-07-2007, 07:18
IMO you should keep the warhounds unit separate, because their use is forst and foremost screening. You can also use them for redirection of charges, and the occational warmachine and lone mage hunting if you're realy really lucky. But their job is to die horrible deaths, not get stuck in for wishful prolonged combat.

Like already adviced, I'd drop the command on the mounted marauders, just take musician. They are chargebaiters, flankers and marchblockers. You might want to look into having one unit with flails (mounted)

Personally I would drop the big chaos warrior regiment (see separate threads and the big chaos tactica thread) in favour of two bigger marauder regiments(like 2x24 or 25). Use the points saved on some furies (6-10) for warmachinehunting and getting behind enemy regiments for when they fail their breaktest AND see if youcan get yourself some added punch, like a chariot or two, some minotarus or dragon ogres with greatweapons (I like units of 3).

To save up points, I'd go for the exhalted champ as my general insted of the lord.

Look into getting yourself a spawn or two. They are excellent tarpit units.



27-07-2007, 07:30
Looks like a fun list.
Maybe take above advice and find points for another banner, or give the Knights the War Banner...
Just a thought. Like to play against this army actually....

27-07-2007, 07:34
Don't drop the chaos warriors, after all they are really nice models...however, seeing as you'll have to buy 2 boxes to make that 20-man unit of yours, why don't you field them as 2 seperate 12-man regiments (fielded 2x6, one chosen, one xtra hand weapon...)???
I like the book of secrets configuration (and if you get the firesword spell, you'll be one happy S8 aspiring champion :D ), but have you considered the banner of the gods as an alternative?it will add stability to your battle line, although it realluy is pricey...