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20-08-2005, 20:31
I have a fairly big game coming up Sunday against my Lizardman friend. Here is the list I'll be using for now, unless you guys come up with something better. Please note that the only unit I have besides what's listed here is a Vermin Lord, though I have an extra Assassin and Grey Seer model, I usually use Clanrats as my Chieftains.

General -
Grey Seer - 535 points
4 Warpstone Tokens
Twisted Crown of the Horned Rat
Dispel Scroll
Warpstone Charm
Screaming Bell

Clanrats to push the bell - 215
25 Clanrats, Standard, Musician
Weapon Team - Warpfire Thrower

Assassin - 170 points
Weeping Blade

Clanrats - 235
29 Clanrats, Clawleader, Standard, Musician
Weapon Team - Ratling Gun

Chieftain leading them - 105
Blade of Black Fury

Plague Monks - 228
Extra Hand Weapon
Plague Deacon

Chieftain leading them - 94
2nd hand weapon
Warpstone Armor
Enchanted Shield

Night Runners - 2 groups of 6 - 78 + 54
Both have extra hand weapons, one has slings, other has throwing stars

Gutter Runners Tunneling team - 126
Extra hand weapon, throwing stars

Warp-lightning Cannon - 100

Warplock Jezzails x3 - 60

Brother Edwin
20-08-2005, 20:50
All those points on the grey seer are wasted since 8 powerdice a turn is easy to deal with, I would add eye of horned rat, and one or 2 enginners with storm daemon.

If you are going to have a cheiftain you might as well make it a BSB.

You have loads of points spent on characters weapons, normally just a great weapon and heavy armour is good enough.

29 clanrats is a bit extreme, you could cut down to 24 and have 25 pints towards something which helps you every time.

Why all those points on upgrades for the night runners? They are best used for fleeing and causeing failed charges.

Why the upgrades for the tunelling team? All you need is a squad of 5 guys for 75points who are more than capable to takeing down war machines and march blocking.

Your army looks quite nice but it seems everything in it has points spent on things they dont need. I cant see it winning against competitive armys due to the fact you have a very small amount of expensive units who do not hit very hard for the points they cost.

I would lose the bell, take only one chieftain who is a BSB, take one or two enginners one of who has storm daemon. I would make all the units 25 man and lose the upgrades for the eshin troops.

20-08-2005, 22:08

I agree wth Brother Edwin. The problem is you are restricted by the amount of models you have.

As you have to go with Grey Seer to use up the points I would suggest you buy a warlock enginner with storm daemon and give you seer the eye of the horned rat. Dropping the assassin would pay for those upgrades.

Also consider using a plague monk to represent a plague priest to give the monks a bit more punch.

These small suggestions are the best you can do with your models available, but for the future I would suggest getting atleast a couple of clanrat box sets to give you a 3rd clanrat unit and a slave unit. I would then suggest a 2nd slave unit would reallly help the army.

Good luck for your upcoming game. Let us know how it went and I'm sure forum members would be happy to give you tactical advise on using your army.


22-08-2005, 01:39
Lets break this down: You have three ranked units; three skirmishing units, and two dedicated shooting units (plust two guns) if I am counting right.

Now, I know that you have limited model resources, so I'll try to help out some. First, the Grey Seer by is lonesome is going to be denied any usefullness. A warlock engineer would help tremendously here. If you can't get this model, you can use an extra clan rat, pop on a spear without the pointy bits and give him a gun. Add some wire around the spear shaft and give him a green-stuff warp stone. Easy enough and now your Grey Seer Benefits from the warp lightening spell.

For combat, I'd add a Plague Priest and give him a flaid and perhaps the magic book. Your cheiftain, I'd leave cheap, or actually not take him at all to pay for the other character upgrades.

Drop the trowing weapons from the skirmishing rats. If you must, then give them stars, but even still they wont earn thier points back by shooting.

Try and get a rat swarm. You get little rats on the basic sprue. But them on a base with other rubble from sprues, add sand and flock and you have a servicable rat swarm without breaking the bank.

Most of all, roll 13's! :)

22-08-2005, 14:44
Perhaps throw in some expendible slave units?

22-08-2005, 16:19
Well, I played him yesterday with some changes to my list.

Notably, I got rid of the Chieftains and Assassin, and replaced them with a Plague Priest and 2 Warlock Engineers. My friend was kind enough to let me use the Assassin models as WE's.

He won by about 500 points in round 6, but it would have been closer if something hadn't happened; he rolled Irresistable Force 3 times in a row for Magic Drain, rendering my Magic phases absolutely useless. This is what hurt me the most, as I couldn't get ANY Warp Lightning's or Plague's off. He wouldn't even let me Skitterleap with his Dispel Dice.

I did manage to break and destroy a full unit of his Saurus Warriors with a unit of Clanrats.

Altogether, he had A Slann Mage-Priest who I think was Second Generation, sitting inside a unit of Temple Guard with a Skink Priest in the back, a unit of Saurus Warriors, and 2 units of Skinks. I destroyed one of the Skink units, but he managed to get all of my Plague Monks before I could reach the second. He also broke my Clanrats pushing the bell, blowing it up in the process, but he didn't manage to catch the unit.

Overall, much better than our last game that he basically cheated in. Ran Kroq-gar, said he was a Level 3 Wizard and gave him a bunch of items, had a magical standard that gave everyone in 12 inches a 2+ ward save in shooting and a 4+ in close combat, among many other things.

22-08-2005, 16:41
Doesn't seem like you have a stable front line.

22-08-2005, 20:21
1. take BSB.
2. take rat swarms to shield your jezzail.
3. take more jezzail if you can, 3 is not enough to make it worthwhile.
4. don't bother arming your characters, they should be placed in the back rank.
5. if you take bell, don't waste more points on the grey seer
6. you need another block of infantry

23-08-2005, 07:05
I went over his list/army book, and wrote down things he did wrong. This game was a replay of our previous game, which I called shennanigans on and wanted a rematch, which was this game.

Here's what he "only" broke this time:

Gave his Skinks poisoned attacks in close combat, then said he didn't, but I distinctly remember him rolling 6's and not rolling to wound for them, but I let it slide this time.

He cast Magic Drain 3 times in a row with Irrestistable Force which completely destroyed my magic phase, but I read the description later; the fluff says "The winds of magic shift so that the power of enemy wizards is drained and they can work little magic." The actual rules for the spell says it can only be case on a "single enemy wizard". I explained this in my note to him, and he responded with " The key word which I read aloud is 'wizards'". So he's taking the fluff and making rules out of it.

Gave his Slann Mage-Priest 3 different Plaques, all of which cost 50 points. He said his entire unit of Temple Guard that were surrounding the Slann had a 2+ shooting / 4+ close combat ward save. I said this only applies to his Slann, he responded by saying he had another plaque that made it apply to his unit. His 3 plaques were: Cupped Hands of the Old Ones (Gives the unit a 5+ ward save), Divine Plaque of Protection(Gives his Slann the 2+/4+ ward save), and Plaque of Dominion(+1 power and dispel dice). That's 150 points, and his Slann can only have 100 points. Not to mention that the Cupped Hands of the Old Ones gives a 5+ ward save, not 4 or 2.

His Slann was riding a Stegadon, which is apparently in some alternate army list somewhere.

He was using the Diadem of Power to store power/dispel dice, but none of the units on his list actually had it equipped, not to mention that they had no room in their magic point allotment. His Skink Priest had a Statuette of Spite (30 points) and a Charm of the Jaguar Warrior (20 points). This is what was written down on his list. He was using the Diadem's power anyway.

He used the Charm of the Jaguar Warrior, in the very last round, to chase my fleeing Grey Seer/Clanrats unit with his Temple Guard who had a Skink Priest and the Slann Mage within it. He said the Charm added a d6 to his pursuit, though he didn't actually catch me. I wrote that he was thinking of his Jaguar Standard which does exactly that. The charm simply adds 9" to the MODEL that has it. He said he didn't use it at all, but he specifically stated when my Clanrats broke that he was using the charm.

I guess I should be thankful that it wasn't as bad as the last game, which this was a replay of. In that game, he ran Lord Kroq-gar, a special character, and gave him 4 Dispel Scrolls and made him into a Level 3 Wizard. Lord Kroq-gar mentions nothing of being a wizard, and his page most definenetly says that he must be used as is, no extra items can be used on him.

23-08-2005, 07:22
If he's doing all that don't play against him.