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23-07-2007, 22:36
Exalted champion of Chaos = 100p

Sorcerer of Chaos + extra level = 120p

14 Warriors of Chaos + FC and shields = 240p

19 Marauders of Chaos + FC, light armour and shields = 158p

20 Marauders of Chaos + FC, light armour and shields = 165p

Chariot of Chaos = 120p

6 Warhounds = 36p

6 Warhounds = 36p

= 975p

So a 1000 point army with 25 points left to spend on upgrading stuff or maybe buying a magic item for either my Exalted champion or Sorcerer. On the army list, the Exalted goes with the Chaos warriors to make a nice big hacky death unit.

The sorcerer goes with the Marauder unit. The basic plan is to move my 3 big infantry blocks up the center supported by the chariot. The dogs are there to block LOS, protect the flanks and carry out other duties which will probably see them die horribly in every game I take part in.

So any thoughts or comments?


23-07-2007, 22:44
You could get standards for your Marauder units to increase their CR, or perhaps a spell familiar for your sorcerer?

23-07-2007, 22:54
Ooops forgot to mention the Marauders had full command squads :(. I'll update my list. Cheers for spotting it though.


23-07-2007, 22:54
Good call on the L2, More fighty equiptment on the champ

23-07-2007, 22:58
Good call on the L2, More fighty equiptment on the champ

I was thinking about a Sword of Might for my Exalted to make him stupidly strong. I like the Chaos sorcerer as well. He's nails for a basic spell caster so he can magic the enemy a bit and then beat them up in close combat with the help of the Marauder unit.


23-07-2007, 23:02
Sword of Might would be quite good. He's got a high enough WS value to justify it, and he'll wound most things on a 2+ with -3 to their save. If you can afford it, then I reckon you should get it :)

And it's good to hear that those Marauders had the full command all along ^^

23-07-2007, 23:07
14 warriors seems off in this list, considering you have 2 big blocks of marauders, which should give you the static CR you need. The warriors should play the punch-role in a colaborative strike with your marauders. I'd drop them to 10 (I know, 11 with the exalted is an odd number, but it doesn't go any lower than that) to free up points for musicians/champs (and perhaps standards as suggested by Denthul) for your marauders. Champs to take care of challenges and musicians for rallying if you need to. In a low points game like this, if you can afford it, I find that a lvl 2 sorc with a power-familiar can dominate the magic most of the time with an added power dice to cast and an additional dispel dice to stop w/e the opponent tries to throw at you. Also, a decent way to beef up your Exalted without spending a whole lot on him would be to give him Sword of Might and Enchanted Shield. 4 WS7 Str6 attacks hurts in a 1000 point game. The Enchanted Shield will give him a 2+ save as well, which should be more than adequate in a game of this size.

Dropping the 4 warriors would save you 60 points, add in the 25 you already have left and that's 85 points. The itemization of characters suggested above comes to 80 points in total, leaving you with 5 points left over. That's enough for one musician for one of your marauder regiments. Alternately, you could go for a power stone or dispel scroll instead of the Power Familiar, which would leave you with 30 points open. 30 is enough for champs and musicians for both your marauder regiments.

Just a thought... :D

Good luck!

23-07-2007, 23:08
Ack, was writing the above post while the previous 4 were being posted. Disregard the comments about the marauder command-figures then :D

23-07-2007, 23:35
14 warriors seems off in this list, considering you have 2 big blocks of marauders, which should give you the static CR you need. The warriors should play the punch-role in a colaborative strike with your marauders.

My main worry is that if I run the unit too small then it will stand the threat of being shot to pieces before it gets into combat. With 15 models I should be able to make it into combat with some left alive. Of course this could change. If a small er squad does do better then I'll reduce the unit size and add some other stuff into the army.


24-07-2007, 00:12
The warhounds should be there to screen, so your warriors won't be shot to pieces...

Exalted Scar-vet
24-07-2007, 07:51
I agree with the above, a Sword of Might works wonders with an exalted champion as he will be hitting almost everything on 3's and wounding on 2's. id also try to find some points for a dispel scroll, you never know when you are gonna despretly have to stop a spell, its a life saver in many situations

24-07-2007, 08:15
drop the warriors and take some undivided chaos knights (chosen). Drop the sorcerer and give the elxalted Helm of many eyes and a great weapon. Take some warhounds too. You don't need to worry about magic at 1K. You alread start with 2 dispel dice. Thats all you need. Plus a lonely sorcerer will not do so well. You should see if you can get some furries for speed factor. Maybe even some mounted demonettes. At 1K these are vicious as there usually isn't enough shooting at 1K to worry them.

24-07-2007, 11:28
If you want to make the army vicious at 1k, follow marcopollo's advice. I much like him, I love mounted daemonettes. I'd say drop the chaos warriors altogether - I see no reason to take chaos warrios on foot whatsoever (apart from them being cool models) and if I did, I'd take no more then 10 with either extra hand weapon or greatweapon (probaby with mark of khorne) in a 7 and 3 formation.

I second dropping the sorcerer and enjoying an exhalted champ with helm and GW on the frontline of them marauders. Go for either mounted deamonettes of furies (I'd go for daemonettes).

4 knights of khorne with a musician is 187 pts. It's one of my favourite units in the chaos list.



24-07-2007, 20:08
Cool list, I like it, balanced, neat, and with quite abit of power.

What about dropping one hound, getting a GW and the helm of many eyes for your character?