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24-07-2007, 11:29
Hi guys,

following the advice of PiD I'll just go ahead and post a list I've been working on for the next Dark Stormy Knights (II) tournament which takes place in november in Bergen, Norway.

I wanted an army that's fast, deadly (having played with dwarves, O&G and Ogre Kingdoms before) and capable of taking all comers.

First the list:
- Exalted Champion:
- enchanted shield
- Mark of Khorne
- Juggeraut of Khorne
- Blade of Blood

- Exalted Daemon:
- Mark of Khorne
- Soul Hunger

- 1 Chariot

- 1 Chariot

- 5 Mounted Marauders (F.C., spears and shields)

- 5 Mounted Marauders (F.C., spears and shields)

- 5 Warhounds

- 5 Warhounds

- 5 Knights (F.C., Mark of khorne)

- 5 Knights (F.C., Mark of Khorne)

- 3 Dragon Ogres (extra hand weapons)

- 6 Flesh Hounds

- 6 Furies

This leaves me with 30 points with which I can do the following:
- add 5 warhounds
- another gift for the daemon (although he's pricey enough as it is)
- 1 Mark of Khorne on a chariot
- 2 more flesh hounds or furies

A previous list contained 10 centigors with full command and spears instead of the second unit Knights, but I left them out because they were probably gonna be too unreliable.

I could also tone down the Knights to 4 a piece with only a musician, which leaves me with another 146 pts to spend (which I'll prolly do, because I feel that the 5-man Knight units are too expensive as they are now).

What do you guys think?


24-07-2007, 11:41
A few pointers, first, don't post individual points costs, breaks forum rules and it gets hard to read if you don't even sum up the points total.

Second, Marauder Horsemen does a lot better armed with humble flails and only led by a single Musician, they're a lot better at baiting, they punch a lot harder and is generally less dangerous to loose, it also saves quite a few points, arround 30 actually... on both units.

For these 60 points, get a unit of 5 Warhounds and get two more Furies, these small changes will make the army that much more potent on the damage output level.

24-07-2007, 12:26
one thing you are missing is S6+ attacks...

you idealy want some form of S7 attack for killing chariots, but also for dealing with pesky 1+ saves.. [giving the dragon ogre's great weapons would solve this but it does depend on if you have the models]

apart from that Neknoh knows his stuff very well...

24-07-2007, 12:59
lol, check your mail. It seems like great minds think alike :D

I also here want to voice my opinion on the ED. I think the mark of khorne on an exhalted daemon renders it quite unwieldy - it's a fragile piece of bloodthirsty miniature that needs to be able to choose it's fights. With a US of 3 and only 4 attacks, it really does not hit that hard. To keep it unmarked, on the onther hand (undivided) and use it as a warmachine hunter, lone character hunter and terror spreader, now that looks better in my book.

It's not that it's a poor choice, it's just that I see it so ******* difficult to use with mark of khorne. (incidentally, I'm thinking of bringing my own ED with mark of nurgle and the vomit gift)



24-07-2007, 20:40
Think of the one fact that makes it usable, it isn't a Large Target, and thus, it can be screened, however, if the opponent manages to present only a single flank from a big and ranked unit when you've positioned it, problems are going to arrise, as the opponent doesn't even have to reposition to deal with it.

25-07-2007, 07:20
but is it really worth it, knowing that you hvae t use your furies to baby sit him as screeners, or keeping him behind hounds or whatever- just for that extra attack and a DD? I say he's a liability. A frikkin liability! :eek:

He's a loose cannon cop, on the edge, playing by nobody's rules. not even his own.