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21-08-2005, 01:29
I've recently had the luck of stumbling upon this game, and I can safely say that I'm absolutely loving it. Yes, I know it's old and buggy, it has it's flaws, true, but I'm a big Trek Fan :)

Unfortunately though, I don't have the instruction booklet, so I was hoping someone who does have it can answer a few questions for me....

Firstly, how do I tweak my intelligence? I can see tabs like military, and home security...but how do I in/decrease them?

Secondly, how can I affect minor races? From what I've seen so far, it pretty much seems to be trail and error - some games the betazoids want to apply for membership right away, other times they spend the whole game rejecting my membership proposals.

How do I build a starbase?

Diplomacy....is this just a bug? It seems like all my "allies" or "friends" want to do is continually borrow money, and then backstab me...

Er, when can I expect to get a research breakthrough? This is partially in connection with the earlier question about intelligence - my research is always being sabotaged, and when it isn't, I seem to get no benefits out it!

The Defiant.
I've heard the Feds have access to this bad boy. How do I get ahold of it?

What do you think of the game?

21-08-2005, 15:29
I can do better than simply answer those questions.

I have a spare manual for the game, which I can post out to you.

Email or PM me if you want to take me up on this.

The pestilent 1
21-08-2005, 15:42
you need to buy intel and research stations, (then apply resources to them -the planetetary screen with all the tabs and whatnot)
i advise dedicated systems to this.

research is a case of getting enough points to advance -this can and will take some time.

intel is again, a case of waiting for somthing to happen, i advise either having all your intel on defence, or sabotaging military installations. (who doesnt like stealing romulen warbirds :evilgrin: )

diplomacy, minor races will like/hate you depending on numerous circumstances, militaristic ones respect shows of force for example.

now i wish i could find my BOTF CD :(

21-08-2005, 21:12
Hmmm, I've answered a few of my own questions - I now know how to build a starbase, and I've discovered that you can basically buy out all the minor races.

Next questions then...

Intel. Again, what the hell can I do? Seems like every other turn the romulans, the ferengi, or the cardassians are stealing 10,000+ credits from me!

Mods...anyone know of any, like a Dominion mod?

21-08-2005, 23:50
theres a cheat that if you make it work and you press one of the F buttons (F1, F2, F3, etc.) then it will increase your Latinum by I think 10,000 each time, and there isnt a limit, so you could stop at like.. 20 billion Latinum haha Very handy to know! ;)

22-08-2005, 00:48
I think I might have to resort to this, considering how everyone else seems to be pilfering 100,000+ a turn :rolleyes: :mad:

The pestilent 1
22-08-2005, 12:17
you need to apply resources to itnel buildings at the system managment screen.
and you need LOTS!