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25-07-2007, 02:14
I'm making an Empire army and I just wanted to know peoples opinions on the army, its been quite successful. I wanted to make it reasonably balanced but competitive also! 2000pts roughly.

Balthasar "The Battlestar" Gelt


Level 2 Wizard w/ Crystal Ball & Dispel Scroll

Engineer w/ Hochland Long Rifle (I hate engineers as a character choice but i had a few spare points)

Battle Standard Bearer w/ Armour of Meteoric Iron & Sword of Might


25 Swordsmen w/ full command
Detachments: 10 Halberdiers & 5 Handgunners

25 Swordsmen w/ full command
Detachments: 10 Halberdiers & 5 Handgunners

25 Swordsmen w/ full command
Detachments: 10 Halberdiers & 5 Handgunners

10 Handgunners

5 Outriders w/ Marksman, Hochland Long Rifle

Power Dice: 8 Dispel: 5

What do you think?:)

25-07-2007, 20:21
Bump....really, no comments?

26-07-2007, 10:14
ok you said you put in the engineer because of a few spare points. why not use the 85 pts you spent on more core units? also imho i think the Crystal Ball is kind of useless. i suggest the Doomfire Ring - it automatically casts Burning Head, no misfires and such. Not only does it damage your enemy but if your opponent tries to dispel it he's wasting dispel dice for that turn. Also i noticed you gave your marksman a Hochland long rifle. I dont think thats a very good choice. Many people find it useless and i suggest using the 20 pts on another four Halberdiers or to help out buying the Doomfire Ring.

27-07-2007, 01:43
The reasonings behind the crystal ball are this:

1/ It effectively lets you pre-measure ranges with artillery, as it doesn't say when you have to use it, bam! Rangefinder for artillery.

2/ Using Battlestar Gelt you can find out exactly which items are in which unit, which for tournament play when you don't divulge pre-game whats in a unit, is very useful for Law of Gold to maximize its effectiveness!

Hochland long rifles are worth the points, 20 points for the possibility to annihilate enemy wizards! Trust me, against any undead army the ability to cut down Necromancers from range early is worth it!

27-07-2007, 09:33
Personnaly i like this army, i just cant see where the pain is going to come from ?

Possibly drop the enginer and a morter and get some inner circle knights or some greatswords because atm ur reling on static combat res (3 ranks standard, outnumber at +5) even tho you may be taking away you oppents ranks, he only has to kill 5 of those flimsy halberdiers to bring you some hurt.

and what about a warrior priest instead of the enginer, always a cheap option, only needs heavy armour and a great weapon.

27-07-2007, 10:56
1/ It effectively lets you pre-measure ranges with artillery, as it doesn't say when you have to use it, bam! Rangefinder for artillery.

Come on now, you wouldn't really use it for this purpose, learning how to guess ranges isn't too difficult with practice and will get you far more respect than using this little 'trick'.

Von Wibble
27-07-2007, 17:09
Personally I have trouble deploying more than 2 units of infantry plus detachments. So I would get rid of 1 of your swordsman units, and also a mortar and the engineer. Also I personally dislike hanggun detachments as the move or fire really stops parent units from effectively manouvring. Archers are much better.

No pistoliers in any empire army.....get some quick! A much better choice than the engineer.

5-6 Knights (command group down to personal preference) will give some useful counterpunch.

Wizard's staff imo is better than crystal ball. My preferred combo is Rod of Power and Power Stone however. Guessing ranges is not difficult - you start 24 from your opponent and know how far his units have moved...

A Captain would be a good leader for the other unit of swordsmen (or the knights).

If you have any change left over then some flagellants or a helblaster would be good. If you don't quite have that much then add to the unit of 10 handguns (either more men or a champion with HLR).

28-07-2007, 02:26
The army is supposed to be a static line, although swordsmen are the best points value fighters in the empire basic infantry they can't hit hard enough to do any kind of damage! Plus if you look at other armies, Skaven, ogres any kind of elves, etc....you will NEVER get the charge, unless by some fluke botched move from an opponent!

I agree, a warrior priest instead of the engineer would be an acceptable replacement.

As for the crystal ball, I've only ever played empire for WFB so my guessing of ranges, funnily enough is second to none, but why guess when you can be accurate 100% of the time, and as I said, its perfect for combining with the law of gold spell and at 15 points is a steal.

I have found the 3 swordsmen regiments to be unwieldy, and have tried dropping it to 2 with the plans of squeezing in some flagellants or knights!

I even tried a steam tank the other day, and much to my amusement I declared 5 steam points 1st turn to charge a unit of cavalry, at which point i rolled a 6 followed by a 6 causing 3 wounds on myself, then the second turn fired the cannon...playing it safe only using 2 points and it misfired causing another 3 wounds on itself! Now the prospect of doing 6D3 strength 6 impact hits amuses me greatly but my steam tank destroyed itself from the inside out...the engineer was obviously a day release apprentice from prison!