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21-08-2005, 07:42
This is a tryout for ”Specialist” Dreadnoughts. I'm no expert on rules, far from it, but I give it a go anyway.
Please note that I try my best to reffer to pages instead of writing the rules outright (unless there are no rules). This is done so that no copyrights are broken. This IS after all a product of Games Workshop.
Also, please note that the suggestions for conversion kits below are not neccesarily complete kits for your dreadnought. They are just some very suiting pieces for these particular models.
(GW) stands for Games-Workshop products and (FW) stands for Forge World products. Reffer to their respective sites for images of the products.
These three types of Specialist Dreadnoughts are all based on Codex Chapters. I have no idea if they would be correct for non-Codex Chapters. Since I am making my own NON-Codex Chapter, I have tried to stay as close to Codex Chapter rules as possible (i.e. Only stuff taken from core book and Codex:Space Marines). I didn't make this up for my own use, just because it is fun.
Any and all comments would be appreaciated.

Specialist Dreadnought

Specialist Dreadnought general rules:
*Rule of One: There may only be one Specialist Dreadnought per 2000pts. In effect, this means that unless you are fielding a +2000pts army, you may only have one Specialist Dreadnought in your army. Furthermore, in a +2000pts army, there may only be fielded one of each type of Specialist Dreadnoughts.
(i.e. In a +2000pts army there may only be fielded one Specialist Dreadnought, in a +4000pts army there may only be fielded two Specialist Dreadnoughts of different types, and in a +6000pts army (are you mad??) there may only be fielded three Specialist Dreadnoughts of different types.)
*Venerable Ones: Specialist Dreadnoughts are always Venerable as per Codex:Space Marines p.32. Points costs have already been included below.
*HQ: Specialist Dreadnoughts are always HQ-choices, reflecting their importance in the chapter.
*Upgrades: Specialist Dreadnoughts may not take any upgrades, as their upgrades are allready included in their stats below.

0-1 Cappellanus Dreadnought 145pts(+ upgrades)

The Cappellanus Dreadnought is a Specialist Dreadnought that used to serve as a Chapter Chaplain. The Cappellanus Dreadnought has the same stats as a Venerable Dreadnought as per Codex:Space Marines p.32 with the following changes:

Weapons: the Cappellanus Dreadnought have to be given a Crozius Arcanum as its powerweapon. The rules are as per Codex:Space Marines however, at a cost of 40pts, the Cappellanus Dreadnoughts Crozius Arcanum may be upgraded to a Holy Relic. This Holy Relic follows the rules given in Codex:Space Marines p.23.

Honour of the Chapter: This entry follows the rules for a Space Marine Chaplain, as per Codex:Space Marines p.28 with the additional rule:
Any ONE squad of Space Marines within 2 inch from the Cappellanus Dreadnought benefits from the 'Honour of the Chapter' rule as if they where a part of a chaplain-lead squad. This only applies to ONE squad at a time, and must be decided as soon as the squad and the Dreadnought come within 2 inch from eachother. This will then apply to the squad until the distance between the squad and the Dreadnought is more then 2 inch.
Costs for Honour of the Chapter is included in the points cost above.

Vehicle Upgrades:[/B] A Cappellanus Dreadnought may only be given the searchlight vehicle upgrades at the cost given in the Space Marines Armoury in Codex:Space Marines.

[Conversion kit sugestions:
(FW)Replacement resin torso (Product code: IA-INQ-D-001)
(FW)Pack of 16 purity seals and 2 skulls. (Product code: IA-INQ-A-008)
(FW)Scenic base for Chaos Space Marine Dreadnoughts. (Product code: XX-ACC-A-020)

0-1 Librarus Dreadnoughts 155pts(+upgrades)

The Librarus Dreadnought is a Specialist Dreadnought that used to serve as a Chapter Librarian. The Librarus Dreadnought has the same stats as a Venerable Dreadnought as per Codex:Space Marines p.32 with the following changes:

Weapons: The Librarus Dreadnought does not have the normal assaultcannon fited, nor can it be upgraded to any of the choices in the Dreadnought entry. Instead, the Librarus Dreadnought is fitted with a special conduct for the innate psychicpower of the Librarian that rests in the sarcophagus. This conduit gives the Librarus Dreadnought the possibility to use the psychic power Storm of the Emperors Wrath as per Codex:Space Marines p.26. (Points costs included above.)
Additionally the Librarus Dreadnought may upgrade its powerweapon to become a force weapon at a cost of 40pts.

Familiar: A Librarius Dreadnought may take a familiar at a cost of 10pts.

Vehicle Upgrades: A Librarus Dreadnought may only be given the Extra Armour and Searchlights vehicle upgrades.

[Conversion kit sugestions:
(FW)MK IV Venerable Dreadnought. Complete resin kit. (Product code: IA-ISM-D-0013)
(FW)Close Combat arm with Incinerator (Product code: IA-INQ-D-004)
(FW)Psycannon right arm (Product code: IA-INQ-D-003)

(edit: just finnished the first two so far. Chaplain Class Dreadnought and Librarian Class Dreadnought. The rest will follow)

21-08-2005, 10:39
Um...how would a Librarius having a familiar work? There aren't exactly rules covering units where one of the members is a vehicle and one isnt.

21-08-2005, 14:10
1 word: meatshield......a few more words: lots of familairs= lots of meat shields

21-08-2005, 15:12
Familiar: A Librarius Dreadnought may take a familiar at a cost of 10pts.
A familiar, not Lots of familiars, One.

21-08-2005, 15:34
they are rules in progress... subject to change, but it seems unlikely there would be more then one familiar... wait till ye see the Mechanicus Dreadnought (Techmarine class)...servoskulls anyone?

21-08-2005, 16:43
Well, since Techmarines can't take Servoskulls, and I see no reason for them to, then you shouldn't really give it the option to take them.

Also, if a Librarian in Terminator armour can't take a familiar, then I doubt a Librarian Dreadnoughty can. And they wouldn't have the ability to use psychic powers, and they aren't armed with power weapons.

Oh, and if the Cappellanus [where did you get that word from? Cappellanus...] Dreadnought does not have access to the Litanies of Hate special rule then you don't need to point it out!

Rabid Bunny 666
21-08-2005, 18:03
but some people would presume it would, odd people

maybe the chappie dread could keep the power fist, but have the crozius back banner, and confer a LD boost or re-roll to LD tests to nearby units

and familiars for dreads.....naa :D

21-08-2005, 18:04
Cappellanus is the original latin form of the word Chaplain (the etymological origins of the word Chaplain in English).

The thing is pointed out since he DOES have access to the other special rule: "Honour of the Chapter".
Simply pointed out so people dont assume that BOTH rules are included, but Im no experet on making new rules (in fact these are the first rules "conversions" I ever made for this game so...)

Rabid Bunny 666
21-08-2005, 18:07
but he cannot join a squad, so its pointless

21-08-2005, 18:53
but he cannot join a squad, so its pointless

Well, it states "attached to" as well as "joined by" and "leading", but I changed the rule accordingly above... also, removed the "litanies" rule entry.

Lord Setra
21-08-2005, 18:56
He might not be able to join a squad, but would his vox casters not be able to pass the abiltiy on to units, say within 6"?

22-08-2005, 06:32
The idea of a librarian dread has real got my conversion finger itching...

But for a chaplain dread, wouldn't it be a better idea for him to be able to confer the litanies of hate on a nearby squad? Picture a Black dread with massive speakers on his sholders pumping out holly litanies and song, telling the battle brothers about their might and the waekness of thier enemies etc. all the while laying the smackdown with it's 2 (furioso style) CCWs and storm bolters.

22-08-2005, 08:36
So, do people like the idea of Litanies of Hate (for an extra points cost, you have to PAY to get it) rather then Honour of the Chapter?

Im not so keen on having BOTH...that seems a bit overkill.

Also, on the note of a Holy Relic.
First of all, I thought the idea of seeing a MASSIVE Crozius Arcanum would be very inspiring for the marines of the chapter, carrying a relic on the dread doesnt seem right. There is a reason why it originally only is allowed to be carried by the standard-bearer...

These are experimental rules, all of them.
Anyone who feel they want to (or just can) testrun them, please do and let us know. Im not able to, because my fiancé is going to pop out a baby any hour now (baby was due 22nd...thats today).

22-08-2005, 09:33
i know its completely off topic, but i wish you and your fiance good luck with the baby!

now call it gork or else :p

as for the dreads, nice ideas, although some seem a little off for a dreadnaught, though i can see libbies using powers from beyond the grave (wooooOOOOoooo spooky :D) i dont see them having force weapons fitted. maybe just a standard fisting device...

23-08-2005, 19:17
thank you... just home to get some things then back to the hospital...sorry, Gork was taken...mork is too much "mork and mindy" ..so we will call him Connor (if the bugger comes out anyway :S )

23-08-2005, 21:00
ah, the old days of labour... my mother had the same...
still, connors a good name, and i bid you fiance good will for the birthing...

24-08-2005, 12:03
I like the experimental rules myself. I agree that having the librarian still using his psychic power while interred might be a bit much, and he certainly would no longer have a familiar. Instead of the Chaplain "carrying" a Holy Relic, maybe he should be considered one himself. And I totally see a Chaplain as a furioso dread, with twin powerclaws and a heavy flamer/Meltagun. And "Litanies of Hate" should be an upgrade for him as well.

And I like the idea of a Techmarine/Dreadnought, with his entourage of thralls/servitors scuttling around guarding him during battle, making minor repairs, taking hits in his place, etc...

24-08-2005, 20:40
connor is out..sleep is at hand...

Doodled some whilst waiting for the son to peek out...will scan it and upload it when chance is given...its a Chaplain class dread...

Will read any and all posts after mine own as soon as I can, but too tired now...

25-08-2005, 14:46
Chaplain-class Dreadnought [Cappullanus Dreadnought]
WITH litanies of Hate.

Please note the crozius Arcanum.....

also...ikmage is 1.7meg large...for smaller version look here->