View Full Version : 2k Empire - fine tuning req'd

21-08-2005, 09:44
Here's what I'm Thinking of now for GT heat......

Elector Count Sword of power, Armour of Meteoric Iron.

Warrior Priest Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Silver Horn

Wizard Level 2, 2 Dispel scrolls

Wizard Level 2, Dispel scroll


6 I C Knights Plate, Shield, Barded Horse, B'stard Sword(counts as Lance)
First Knight, Standard, Musician - War Banner

5 Knights Plate, Shield, Barded War Horse, Lance

20 Halberdiers Hand Weapon, Halberd, Light Armour
Champion, Musician, Standard (Detatchment 10 Free Co)

20 Spearmen Light Armour, Hand Weapon, Spear, Shield
Champion, Musician, Standard (Detatchment 10 Free Co and 10 Swordsmen)

10 Handgunners Hand Weapon, Hand Gun

10 Handgunners Hand Weapon, Hand Gun

5 Huntsmen H/W, Long bow




5 Pistoliers H/W, 2 Pistols, Light -- Marksman, Repeater Pistol



Total = 1997
PD =6
DD = 5

Basically I'm thinking my infantry will be a holding force with Huntsmen as march blockers and Cav as Flanking/strike force.......while I blast holes in my enemy (well it's not much of a plan but it's what I got!)