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21-08-2005, 20:20
deamon prince with mark of khorne, and 100 pts of deamonic gifts (diobolic splender i think it is 4+ ward save), blade of either, amour of khorne, dispell scroll. for suporting units of my army who are beeing beaten

exalted deamon-310-mark of khorne and 50 pts on demonic gifts, axe of khorne, amour of khorne. for takeing out enemy heros and support to the chariots

21 bloodletters with full command, frenzy,magic reistance (1) -371
20 bloodletters with full command, frenzy,magic reistance (1) -355

solid units to charge head on

5 flesh hounds, frenzy, magice resistance, fast cavalry (2) -80
5 flesh hounds, frenzy, magice resistance, fast cavalry (2) -80

for supporting the blood letters witha flank cancle out flanks and hopfuly cut down

chariot of khorne-190-,with extra jugganort
chariot of khorne-190-,with extra jugganort

suport if the puppies can not get there and carving their way through the enimes flank


dispel pool-4

total men- 60
any ideas on changes at all?
sorry about spelling mistakes

21-08-2005, 22:49
Looks like a very solid list. Khorne is easily the hardest to play (frenzied flyers are a pain for everyone involved). Keep your two characters together and you'll be wiping out units with them. The only change I would suggest is perhaps dropping four Bloodletters (or perhaps 2 Bloodletters and the Axe of Khorne) and getting an Unholy Icon for the larger unit of Bloodletters. That will goa long way towards countering their meagre toughness of 3.

The only other qualm is the lack of a BSB Herald, but that might not be such an issue if you co-ordinate well and don't lose combats as a result.

Playtesting is usually the only way to really see how a list as focused as a God-specific Daemon Legion will turn out, so be prepared to fiddle with it for a long time to come.

22-08-2005, 12:37
yea, i have tried the unholy icon, i think i will drop 2 blood letters and the axe, as if i keep my two charters togeather as you said the deamon prince should be able to take care of heros or lords with no amour saves.

i have never tried the bsb brfore, but it means droping my exalted and i dont belive that they have fly, and can only take 25 points. I dont have the storm of chaos in fornt of me but i belive that 2 of them are more expencive, but would give an extra very much needed dispel dice.

22-08-2005, 18:38
come on all these views and one commet?

22-08-2005, 19:42
very good list, a khorne legion is very tough to play

for changes I'd see if you can shave a few points to incorperate an unholy icon for one of the bloodletter units - they help a lot

22-08-2005, 20:08
thanks. Yea i think i will take off two blood letters and the axe off my exalted to incorperate it i have used it once before, it is a life saver.

i know that it is a hard list to play, but if you can master it, it's havoc and i decided to make the legion for a bit of fun, i have macacerd people at my club with them, how ever i have used a friends skaven aginst his deamon list and i lost 7 men 6 through a miss fire and he kill a clan rat :D

22-08-2005, 23:57
Would it be possible to field a demon prince and an exalted daemon and do the following...

Use their flying movement to get them in good positions, and whenever you don't want them to charge, just move them in BTB to eachother, and facing eachother.

23-08-2005, 08:49
sorry what does BTB mean?

23-08-2005, 11:07
base to base

23-08-2005, 11:21
ah thank you, but i belive as they are single charter they have a 360 veiw, or am i wrong as it might be diffrent on the size of the base? Also if this does stop them from charging it would take them two turns to be able to charge?

23-08-2005, 12:44
Only single man-sized characters (20 or 25mm base) have 360-degree sight. As your Daemon Prince and Exalted Daemon are on 40mm bases, they have the same 90-degree charge arc as a unit.

Comments on the list: I'd recommend taking three units of 12 bloodletters and using the points from bringing the number of bloodletters down from 41 to 36 to buy a command for the new unit. This costs you your rank bonus, but it makes it more difficult for your enemy to lure your entire army off, gives you more attacks, and makes it easier to set up flanks. Think about it; for your rank bonus, you're paying 160 points for +2 combat resolution. Your extra unit of bloodletters and your flesh hounds will still allow you to outnumber and autobreak your enemies if you combine your charges.

23-08-2005, 13:03
ah, thank you for clearing that up for me, but that still means two turns to get them to charge and about two truns to get them where i want them.

True, but as stupied as this sounds it is true, i need the extra men in the units to take the hits from shooting (T3 sucks!) and also they have very little magic deffence, sure magic restance but 4 dispel dice aint enoughf to cut it. also i do like to have the 4+ ward save i could still probly fit it in but it does seem a little pointless on a unit of 12 or so deamons.

i shall have to try that list and see how it fairs up, thank you :)

28-08-2005, 04:48
first of all you need 3 core units in 2000 points so that means you need 3 units of bloodletters. :( In my khonre deamonic leagion i take pretty much the same deamon prince except the item for a 4+ward save you already get a 5+ ward so i spend the points elsewhere. so heres the list i take it works pretty well.

Deamon prince
mark of khonre
blade of eather
armour of khorne
dispell scroll

20 bloodletters

20 bloodletters

20 bloodletters

3 bloodcrushers

chariot of khorne
extra jug

chariot of khorne
extra jug

gotta love the chariots very powerfull. and the full blocks of 20 bloodletters works out really good.

03-09-2005, 18:54
Since this is my first post on the WarSeer, I thought it should be of suitable length and hopefully quality...

First of all, there seems to be some ignorance regarding the rules here. I will try to explain things as best as I can.

first of all you need 3 core units in 2000 points so that means you need 3 units of bloodletters.

Well, Stickboy, I have good news for you and your list: all non-true core units are still core for the purpose of army composition in the Daemonic Legion, even the Flesh Hounds, which weren't under the Hordes of Chaos rules. If you now want to start a long argument about it, please PM me instead of hijacking this thread.

For the original list posted I have a few comments, but first I advice you to head over to the Daemonic Legion (http://www.freewebs.com/thedaemoniclegion/index.htm) website and forum and read up on what the long-time veterans have experienced if you haven't done so already (shame on you if you haven't!). I think in particular this (http://s7.invisionfree.com/wyrmling_x/index.php?showtopic=945),this (http://s7.invisionfree.com/wyrmling_x/index.php?showtopic=946) and this (http://s7.invisionfree.com/wyrmling_x/index.php?showtopic=23) thread can be of value to you. Signing up and posting your list there will probably get you some more valuable feedback than the classic "Khorne DL is so easy to defeat because of frenzy" reply most people seem to be so fond of too.

And onto your list...

First, your Daemon Prince is sadly illegal. The gifts Diabolic Splendour, Blade of the Ether, Armour of Khorne and Spellbreaker (I assume this was what you meant by "Dispel Scroll") add up to 115 points. Why you would want to use up all your gift-allowance at all is something of a mystery to me anyway, seeing as putting a heckload of points into characters is usually a surer way to lose games than to win them. The Splendour in particular is not recommended by me, the best way to survive is to kill things, not discouraging them by your über-macho ability to receive punishment (wow, I hyphenated words from German and Spanish, I must be crazy!). The same thing can really be said about the Armour, but I'm not sure if I agree - try it out and see what you think. The Ether Blade is also of dubious quality, seeing as it costs so much and has a rather limited use. Instead, I would advice taking Might of Khorne and Soulhunger, which kind of do the same thing as the Blade, but gives more flexibility.

For your Exalted Daemon, I would recommend replacing both of his Gifts for the same reasons as for the Prince, and replace them with Might of Khorne or Soulhunger or something similar. Andrew Bishop has elegantly summarized the various viable possibilites here (http://s7.invisionfree.com/wyrmling_x/index.php?showtopic=603).

The concept of having two badass flying daemons supporting each other isn't bad at all. There was some guy over at the Legion who posted a list with something similar (you should manage to dig up the thread yourself) and the tactic is mentioned under the name of "Twin Daemons" in Andrew Bishop's excellent Roll-Call article. Though I would personally consider tuning them down a bit and perhaps degrade the Prince to an Exalted, the idea seems sound.

Now, for your Bloodletters I think you're better off with multiples of six instead of five (or whatever you were trying to achieve with a unit of 21). The Bloodletters' role is not to occupy space in the rear ranks but to go out and kill things, utilizing their frenzy to its fullest potential. A frontage of six is what Andrew Bishop recommends, and I agree. Whether you want to go 18 or 12 strong is up to you. In addition to this, I think musicians are a waste of points. Their primary advantage is the +1 to rally tests, and since your Bloodletters will never flee anyway, there's not much point in taking musicians. Great if you have the points, but far from neccessary.

Your Flesh Hound units are great, but they're not special units, they are "non-true core". Not much to say here barring that if you take smaller BL units and thus get more units of them, I would seriously consider taking more FHs. They are the true finesse of the army. Again, see what Andrew Bishop has written.

Regarding your chariots, I don't think I like them. A unit of three Bloodcrushers is usually better. Large targets that are auto-killed by str7 hits isn't really that good. They're not all that mobile either. Again, read Mr. Bishop's thoughts! They should be printed out and placed in your bookshelf next to the Holy Bible (if you can't fit it in, replace the Bible, it's that good!).

04-09-2005, 18:18
lol ty for your advice and showing me the legion website :D and i uslay take the extra bL because most people where i play have a hefty amount of shooting and T3 don't help so i get extra men, also when i get into comabt usaly with a unit of flesh hounds in the side to neglate racks i have +5 to combat res and i strike first and out number usaly with fear, and cut down with those great lil pupies! i have not tried the BC but i can't argue with you there on S7 large targets, but if they do hit a unit they nomally take it down and earn there points and more :D

05-09-2005, 13:32
Regarding the BL unit size, it's not really about shooting resistance. It's about combat effectiveness. A frontage of 6 will generally yield better results than 5. Though you probably lose your third rank bonus, you get 2 WS5 S5 attacks in return. And most importantly, more Letters in the front rank means more attacks back on a charging opponent - and seeing as the letters have M4 and are frenzied, they will get charged more than they will get to charge themselves (they will get baited and butt-charged unless screened properly - which is hard to do with so few Fleshies). Of course, this is a personal preference, but you're usually statistically better off with a frontage of 6 than 5. If you want to keep that third rank bonus and have some extra bodies around so you can take some ballistic punishment, take units of 24 - but I don't recommend it, because that's just too many points dumped into a slow unit prone to get distracted easily.

The Bloodcrushers vs. Chariots issue is also a personal matter, but most people over at the Legion prefer BCs to Chariots. They perform more or less the same roles and both have their inherent weaknesses and strengths, but the consensus is that the BCs are a tad better. What to take is of course very dependent on the situation of course: against enemies with Killing Blow, for example, taking Bloodcrushers is basically suicide. When facing an Empire Gunline the same can be said of the Chariots. And since you already said you face a lot of shooting, Bloodcrushers might be a better option overall. But it's your call.

05-09-2005, 20:48
ah true, i have never played BL with MSU i must try this, oh btw thank you for showing me the legion website. I have joined it but can't post or make a new topic at the moment. As for the crarriouts and BC again i have not tried but i rellie do like the look of the BC so i will be geting a few soon hopfuly :D any ways im still sort of testing my army at the moment as i have not had it very long so i have not tried diffrent units yet, do you think that the DP and the ED are good enoughf, and i should not bother getting a herld, because i think that they are pricey for what they are stat wise, and 25pts on him mean not alot of stuff that could be kited out on the ED?

05-09-2005, 22:17
A Herald is not considered essential in a Khorne Daemonic Legion. And with your list, I think less is more with regards to characters.

05-09-2005, 22:26
ah, thank you with sharing your views and opions with me