View Full Version : Daemonic Legion of Nurgle 2250

21-08-2005, 23:10
Figured i'd post up my list after showing off some of the models in P&T.

Its pretty simple construction, going mainly for fluff and numerology. Sacred number is 7 (IMPORTANT)

Great unclean one -600

Herald of Nurgle on Daemon-beast - 305
Diablocal splendour
BSB - Plague Banner

14 plague Bearers - 259
Full command

21 Plague Bearers- 421
Full command
unholy icon

14 Plague Bearers - 231
(joined by herald)

2 nurglings - 80
2 nurglings - 80
3 nurglings - 120

chariot of nurgle - 150

Models: 60
7 nurgling bases
7*7 plaguebearers
Total wounds: 98 = 7(7+7)
Total points= 2246 (:mad:1 point away from divisibility by 7:mad: )
Plus, as a coincidence I must admit, my Unholy Icon is the pestigor banner, with three circles with three skulls in each, matching my list with 3 large creatures, 3 units of Plague bearers and 3 units of nurglings :).
What do you think? Fluff-wise and game-wise.

22-08-2005, 03:11
No one cares about sacred numbers anymore.
(By no one, I mean almost no one.)

The list itself looks ok, but I would dump one unit of nurglings and one unit of plague bearers for some plague riders... if only to add a bit more spice to your list.

22-08-2005, 03:41
What the heck are you planning on doing with units of 2 2 and 3 nurglings? I just don't understand how those units could be good for anything at that size.

22-08-2005, 13:33
i find the greater deamons a waste of points, get a normal deamon prince, they will do better as the have the flexabilty to anilate diffretn armies also you want some plague riders, and Ganymede is right the number do not mean any thing at all in fansaty, i only know about them as i played 40k asginst nurgal, that was my only game of 40k