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28-07-2007, 12:17
Let's see:
Lots of 5 strong units of wolves with bows and spears, and core units of 15 to 20 (mini) strong units of wolves with spears and shields? All characters mounted (either on wolf or charriot), all special choices being wolf charriots, maybe one rare choice taken by hobgoblan Khan's mercenaries (just for the sake of variety).
Anybody ever tried that?

28-07-2007, 12:49
*cough* chease *cough* :P ..

náh for real...looks like fun, but ..i don't see any magic ..( unles shamans can ride wolfs :P i don't know if they can ) ...and i don't see any good armour saves....if something gets the charge on you that hits with a S 5 ( i can think of plenty of things with S 5 :P ) it will go right through all of your units.

And you hardly have any static combat resolutions....even free company's will have a chance :P

28-07-2007, 18:42
Seen it, dies horribly to skirmishs/knights/fast cav/magic/ratling guns/hord armys/anything decent...

But its a kool list under 2k. But at lord level lacks hitting power.

28-07-2007, 19:22
Well, I was just wondering, I don't have enough wolves anyway, but I was contemplating the viability of this. Guess not, then.

28-07-2007, 21:36
Check out my project log just finished painting 85 wolves for just such an army. :D

Now idea how it will play but it will be fast and furious fun finding out:D

Da Black Gobbo
28-07-2007, 22:02
Maybe playing at 1k without magic it could work, 2 units of 5 wolves 2 units of 10 with shields and spears and 3 chariots the big boss mounted on wolf with another one in wolf too with BSB and another one in a chariot tooled to to kill with wollopa's and the exploding item (i think is great) Something like this:

---Goblin big boss: Wolf, Urgok's horn, -3 save weapon, shield, light armour.

--Goblin big boss: Wolf, BSB Rowdy grot red banner, light armour.

--Goblin big boss: Wolf chariot with extra crew and wolf, kickin' boots wolloopa's one hit wounda.

--10 Wolf riders: Full command, spears, shields.

--10 Wolf riders: Full command, spears, shields.

--5 Wolf riders: musician, spears.

--Wolf Chariot: extra crew and wolf

--Wolf Chariot: extra crew and wolf

--Wolf Chariot: extra crew and wolf

Is a little army but is a 1k army so 25 calvary gobs and 4 chariots is not a joke most of all when the whole army moves 22cm (don't know inches) that's speedy!

Da Black Gobbo
28-07-2007, 22:05
Emm i didn't remember that gob shammans can ride a wolf chariot or a wolf hehehehe...

28-07-2007, 22:11
Urgat let me tell you a few things.

1. A unit of 5 w/ speard and shields cost you 70 pts. Now they loose the fast cavalry but for what your thinking who cares.

2. You get a 4+ save and that's great against many armies. But if you front charge I would run them in tandem. (duh?)

3. 18" charge is pretty sweet!

So with these things said I would drop the bows and if your gonna run a hero choice forget the low leadership Gobbos go with and Orc Big Boss on a boar. Now that will slow any unit he's with down a bit but what your looking for is making the most of his leadership 8! If your building a 2000 point army then yah you can run a lord choice Gobbo on a wolf to get your speed back but then your using a lord choice which means one less hero choice if you decide to run more characters and he's gonna have to be the general. A big boss has got a 2+ armor save and a 5 toughness for 2 points more! I have an all cavalry O&G army myself and I'll tell you from experience that it will be tough to win with against a lot of high toughness, multiple wound armies but it looks great on the field and when the dice roll right you'll smoke your opponent! Just remember 2 things, never charge alone and for gods sake protect you important Cavalries flanks or it's all over! This is why I like running Savage Orc Boar Boyz and support thier flanks with Wolf Riders armed with shields and spears for thier max hitting and staying power! And watch your terrain placement! To much will hurt you. I go with as little as possible and I gotta say I agree with Lucky24/7 in that it will be hard to beat skirmishers such as a Beastmen army with that darned raider rule! ;p

29-07-2007, 10:04
Check out my project log just finished painting 85 wolves for just such an army. :D

Just did. Man, you seem to like painting numbers (ever painted the riders?), mind if I send you my 80 last gobs to paint? I think I'm reaching the point of saturation there :p

Joke aside:
I use the armoured wolves for "not light" units (the ones with shields).

Bortus: if I were to take an orc boss, that would defeat the whole purpose of the idea. Would it be hard w/o? Yeah, probably, but can't be worse than my all gob 5th edition army (which was ludicrously built to boot).

29-07-2007, 16:15
In the old 6th edition I used an all mounted Orc and Gobbo army which was entertaining and usually short! I took 2 x 10 boarboyz, 4 x gobbo charots about 60 wolf boyz in 2 large units and 2 smaller units and 8 Squig hoppers. Fast, but if they didn't break them in the first turn they struggled.

Too expensive in 7th edition!