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28-07-2007, 14:37
Hey guys, just putting my list up for commentary. This is the first list that I am going to start out with. I was trying to make it as balanced as possible for taking on all opponents. However, the races that I am most likely to face most are Dwarfs and Orcs and Gobbos. I guess the list relies on a strong skink skirmisher screen, while my saurus and Kroxigor advance. My scouting skinks will try to pick off war machines and monsters but I am wondering if I should give them javs too? I think my characters are pretty solid for this list. Do you guys think this list will be competitive with the other armies at this points level? Any comments or criticism are very welcome. Here is the list:

Lizardmen 1000 pt Quetzl Host Starter List


Scar Veteran – Charm of the jaguar warrior, aura of quetzl, great weapon, quetzl, sotek, light armour, shield, 178 pts.

Skink priest – Diadem of power, quetzl, lvl 2, 140 pts.


20 Saurus – Full command, quetzl 300 pts.

10 Skinks – javelins, quetzl, 65 pts.

10 Skinks – javelins, quetzl, 65 pts.

10 Skinks – blowpipes, scout, quetzl, 75 pts.


3 Kroxigor – 174 pts.

Total - 997 pts.

29-07-2007, 00:46
well first off skink cant take spawning of quetzl.

sencond i assume you mean 4 kroxigors for 232pts?

third why 19 saurus if your scar has jaguar charm?

Lastly unless my maths is wrong this list is 1058 pts

as for the general army it looks good, personally i use blow pipes so i get 2x shots with skink. but i woul dre-read ur army book and get proper points then repost this army

29-07-2007, 02:30
Sorry I should have mentioned that I was using the sacred host of quetzl list, so I am forced to make all my skinks and saurus take the spawning. You are right about the kroxigor points, I just forgot to change it since I had 4 before. So it would be 1000 pts after that is corrected. You are right though, maybe I should make room to add another saurus to my unit. For the skinks I find the javelin and shield combo the best especially with the quetzl spawning giving them a 5+ save against shooting as a screen. The blowpipes I save for my scouts as they have greater range and harassment potential. Thanks for the commentary though, its greatly appreciated.

29-07-2007, 04:06
1000 points looks quite solid.

29-07-2007, 17:22
Thank you, although I am kind of wondering if I am using too few saurus in this list.