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28-07-2007, 20:30

Trying to set up a core army @ 2250 points, to either subtract or add to, depending on the points size. I've tried to balance the list between faster/cavalry units by setting up the slower parts of the army with the "firepower" (magic) of the army, hoping that my adversaries will try to focus on this part of the army to eliminate the threat. If they don't the slower part of the army will just advance, doing as much damage as it can along the way.

The list so far looks like this:

Chaos Lord (Gen): MoS, Chaos Steed, Gaze of the Gods, Blade of Blood, Pendant of Slaanesh, Enchanted Shield
354 p.

- Rides with 5 Chosen Knights of Slaanesh, Full Command, Rapturous Standard
345 p.

Aspiring Champ (BSB): MoCU, War Banner
130 p.

Chaos Sorcerer: MoCU, LvL 2, Dispel Scroll
145 p.

- Both of the above lead a unit of 23 Marauders, Full Command, Light Armour, Shield
186 p.

Chaos Sorcerer: MoCU, LvL 2, Dispel Scroll
145 p.

- Leads a unit of 11 Chaos Warriors, MoCU, Full Command, Halberd, Shield, Banner of Wrath
267 p.

5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Musician
81 p.

1 Chaos Chariot, MoCU
120 p.

6 Warhounds
36 p.

6 Warhounds
36 p.

5 Furies
75 p.

6 Daemonettes of Slaanesh
180 p.

Fiend of Slaanesh
75 p.

Fiend of Slaanesh
75 p.

Total: 2250 p.

The general idea is for the Marauders, Warriors and the Chariot to trot across the battlefield, with the sorcerors and the Banner of Wrath doing as much damage as possible before they reach the other side (or get wiped out by shooting, whichever comes first ;) ), while the knights, daemonettes and horsemen work on one flank and the spawns act as tarpits on the other (or whereever they'd do the most good).
The warhounds will be committed as screens where needed, according to the ammount of shooting I'm facing or other variables that might arise.
The furies, well, we know what furies are for ;)

My concerns at the moment are:
The gear-setup of my general
The warbanner of the BSB (Thinking of giving the warbanner to the warriors and letting the BSB have the Banner of Wrath - or maybe have him carry something entirely different).
The slight lack of screens.

Any comments on the above concerns, or any in general, are most welcome.

Thanks in advance,


28-07-2007, 22:10
I think you mean 6 MOUNTED Daemonettes.

Your Chaos Knights hurt enough without the support of the General. Putting him in there makes that a 699 point unit which will draw ALL of the firepower. Put your general on a steed of slaanesh to let him do his stuff sooner and be more manoevrable at the same time. The knights will be fine without him.

I also think you lack screens, but have more than enough fast flankers. 2 units of warhounds + marauder horsemen + mounted daemonettes seems like overkill. Beastherds are cheap, good screens, and as you still have tons of special slots avaliable, go for it.

Your sorcererors will not be able to get any spells off. Not just 2 of them, not in 2250 points. Level 2 on them is a waste of points. I really can't see the banner of wrath getting much use either. Exchange that for the flesh banner in the beasts of chaos list. Same points cost, end of every magic phase D6 S4hits to a unit in base contact. Yes you won't be whittling them down, but like, come on, you're chaos! not some wussy elves or skaven or something.

A Chaos Giant might not be bad either because you don't really have much that can handle a large target except for the chaos knights, and odds are they'll be tied up elsewhere.

29-07-2007, 13:39
gerrymander said it as well as I could.

I'm not absolutely convinced of your strategy as laid out aside from the obvious shortcomings of a halfway magic phase - it takes some generalship to keep all that very very fast stuff and very slow stuff coordinated as opposed to having one set fighting in turn 2-3 against most of your opponents army, and then another set fighting in turn 5-6 against most of your opponents remaining army.

If you drop the warriors on foot it gives you a fair amount of points to add more maunted marauders or another large block of marauders on foot - either of which are going to be more efficient in the context of this overall list.