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Papa Nurgle
29-07-2007, 21:06

Until today, Iīve just got experience with WH 40k, but now I want to start with WFB and consider starting a Beasts of Chaos Army, because I like the variety and the great looking models. But there are some questions:

What would be a good start with this army?

Overall the leadership in this army seems very low and from what Iīve grasped so far Beastmen usually donīt deploy in rank and file, as I `m still not so good in the Game Mechanics of WFB (just got the rulebook), I don`t know how this will affect battlefield tactics.

Any Input would be most appreciated!

Next, how feasible is a Minotaur Lord or a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth as the general for this Army, they seem to be quiet expensive, but their stats seem alluring.

For initial purchase, I thought about two boxes of Beastmen and a kind of Beastmen Hero or Shaman.

Thx for your help.

29-07-2007, 21:19
I assume you are going to be playing a nurgle army???

If so the two best pieces of advice i can offer to a player moving from 40k to fantasy (ive played 40k for 5 years, just started fantasy so yes i know) is:

Combat resolution is everything. Unlike 40k 90% of combats are decided by someone fleeing in the first 2-3 rounds of combat.

2, super killy characters and units are half as good in fantasy as in 40k.

As for beastmen id reccomend buying 2 boxes of troops and a wargor or shaman as uve said.

Play as many games as you can and add units to your taste.

May i highly reccomend a unit of 20-24 bestigor with the mark of nurgle (if your doing nurgle) and at least 2 lvl 2 shamans for 2000 pts. Oh and chariots - operating in pairs - are amazing.

Goat T
30-07-2007, 01:45
Beastmen are loads of fun, as they operate quite differently than most fantasy armies. The two keys you will need to decide are your mark, and who the general is. Nurgle has good spells that weaken your oponent. Slaaneesh has deadly spells that are harder to cast, but can control you opponent's units. Tzeentch is as close to being a 40k style army, with lots of magic missiles.
The General is important, as you need to decide between a beastlord of a Doombull. I don't recommend the Shaggoth, as it is quite easy to take out, since you can't hide him.
The Beastlord allows for ambushing, which can allow units to pop out on any board edge in the 2nd turn, and possibly charge in the third turn. I use a variation that has 5 units of ambushers, and it gives shooting armies nightmares. Just remember to spread them out beyond 6" so panic is not a factor.
The Doombull gives up the ability to ambush, but puts the Minotaurs from special to core. That is huge. We beastmen have many options for special, so to free up the deadliest unit, and allow it to be core gives us spots for Furies, Mounted Daemonettes, Screamers, and Centigores.

As for initial purchases, I recommend the beastmen and hordes of chaos books. The hordes of chaos book gives the rules for mortals, daemons and more magic items. The second purchase should be a beast herd, as they will be the foundation of your army.

Remember 1 thing. The key to a successful beastmen army is its maneuverability. You dictate when, where, and how the fights will occur. You can have a mass surge of beasts storming across the field (Doombull), or have beasts coming from every angle, completely surrounding your opponent. Either way, you control the tempo.

Papa Nurgle
30-07-2007, 20:02
sounds very interesting so far, I still do not know which mark my army will have.

I wonder why GW has chosen to include 12 Gors and just 8 Ungors in the Beastmen Box. 10 of each would have been so much better.:confused:

30-07-2007, 20:21
8 gors and 12 ungors would have been better still!

I think that a couple of beast herd boxes, a wargor, a shaman, some hounds and perhaps a few minotaurs or similar would make a good foundation to build on.

this link (http://www.warseer.com/warhammer_fantasy_armies_beasts_of_chaos) probably has most of the info I can give you, good luck!

30-07-2007, 22:13

May i highly reccomend a unit of 20-24 bestigor with the mark of nurgle (if your doing nurgle) QUOTE]

This is always good, id say over 20 so they can stand some missle fire before they lose the rank

The models you have for the army at the moment are very common in a Boc army and youll be able to fit them in any Beast army. Id say play a few small games with what you have now and add things in as you go.

If you want the dragon ogre shaggoth take it as a rare for now and use a beastlord so you can take advantage of the ambush special rule.

a few general BoC tips:

-Chariots are good in pairs
-take a few more ungors in you Beastherds than gors