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22-08-2005, 10:24
well, actually, i´m playing warhammer for quite a long time now and was alway sticked to the undead (the guys from the sands, acutally...), but after playing time and again with a really reliable tk army (they are dead after all, they are slow, have bad stats but don´t run away ^^) i want to try out something new and i´ve decided to go with the ´ard boyz as i like the look of the new orcs and have fought many fun battle against them, so here´s my list, i´m aiming for 2500 points, as this is standart gameing size in my club, any help is appriciated.
Actually, i´m planing to paint them with a good chunk of blue, like the deathskull orcs in 40k, as i like the striking color sheme of blue and green

Whaaaagh Gurflix - da Deathskull Klan


Gurflix - Black Orc Warboss @ 227 Pts
General; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour
Warboss Um's Best Big Boss At
Warboss Imbad's Iron Gnashas
well, not so much to say about, should be able to kill nearly everything and is in a bad mood anyway...

Narrax - Orc Big Boss @ 140 Pts
Battle Standard
Drog's Dead Ard Armour
Sword of Might
this guy can be a nasty surprise for anybody thinking a bsb is an easy target, and being an orc after all who would try to leave him out of the biggest carnage, and with his stuff, he may even survive...

Razrous - Orc Big Boss @ 133 Pts
Light Armour; riding on a Boar
Porko's Pigstikka
Enchanted Shield
i´ve seen this guy in action once...wow is all i say ^^

Buffgrat - Orc Shaman @ 150 Pts
Magic Level 2
Dispel Scroll x2
scroll caddy and head exploder


25 Black Orcs @ 358 Pts
Great Weapon; Standard; Musician; Boss
War Banner
one of my 2 main fighting units, one of the best and deadlies units in the game afaik, espacially with their S7 boss

20 Orc Boyz @ 148 Pts
Shield; Standard; Musician; Boss
this unit will hold one flank and acts as flank supporting for the black orcs

20 Orc Boyz @ 148 Pts
Shield; Standard; Musician; Boss
same as above, but for the big ´uns

24 Orc Big 'Uns @ 269 Pts
2ndWeapon; Standard; Musician; Boss
Nogg's Banner of Butchery
general and bsb goes here, main fighting unit, should do quite well and can dish out a hella lot of attacks

12 Orc Arrer Boyz @ 89 Pts
just something to do in the shooting phase...and can kill light stuff in hth, too

9 Orc Boar Big 'Uns @ 266 Pts
Standard; Musician; Boss
Gorks Waaagh Banner
these guys will ride down one flank and with the help of their boss should do well by killing huge regiments with lots of ranks etc. and they are fun, too


2 Orc Chariot 2x @ 86 Pts --> 172 Pts
Extra Crew
one placed between each of the main fighting and support regiments, either support the flaking unit to hold one flank or used to beef up the center to break through

1 Goblin Rock Lobber @ 75 Pts
to kill some knights or huge monster before it will cause havoc with my poor infantery guys

2 Goblin Spear Chukka 2x @ 40 Pts --> 80 Pts
same as above and far too cheap not to take them


Effigy of Gork @ 40 Pts
Whaaaaaaagh! and protection from magic together with some nice magic spells for the standarts

Giant @ 205 Pts
well...a giant, big and funny, who needs more?

Casting Pool: 4

Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 132

Total Army Cost: 2500

i´d like to have some trolls in there, too, but don´t know what to drop. furthermore, the main idea will be a line with the small orc regiements on the flanks, the 2 other blocks with the characters in the center, the black orcs and the whaaghboss to help with animousity and the boar riders on one flank, all backend up by the shooty stuff on a hill with the ´arrer boyz to help out with skirmishers and light cav trying to destroy the war machines.
the effigy will be placed as close to the enemy as possible to get as many magic resistence dice as possible, as this list is magically quite weak (i used level 2 aswell, to have morks gaze and maybe gorks hand and bring them up at the right time, anyway, didn´t know where to put the points anyway ;) ).

anyting usefull will be appriciated :)

and it´s nice to have a good warhammer diskussion forum again :)

Lord Gordonis
22-08-2005, 10:32
the 2x orc chariots should be 160pts on their own plus their extra crew i think that you need to change it

Otherwise very good list

22-08-2005, 10:43
they are 160 together, as both of them cost 86, but i´ll change it to make it clearer that both are calculated in the army

22-08-2005, 19:28
come on guys, any other ideas, comments..?
i don´t want to buy a whole army without knowing if it will work properly on the battlefield ^^

22-08-2005, 19:43
Ok well I've recently commissioned a similar army for a campaign in our area. I've yet to proxy the battles much but I think you have a strong list none the less. Trouble will come from march blockers with lots of mobile power but such is the life of an orc I suppose. My Black Orc units are only 20 strong which is a big reduction but I feel good about it. I dont field any Arrer boys but your mileage may vary. This will help you get your trolls as well (I've got 3).

Your characters are done well in my opinion. The Ded Ard Armor will go a long way towards keeping your BSB alive in challanges and help overal quite a lot. The Piggstikka/shield combo is good and will obviously add big damage to your Boar block. Overall its a very characterful list and should be fun.

22-08-2005, 19:57
actually, i´ve though about changing the orc bigboss bsb to a black orc bsb without the sword of might...this would be 5 points cheaper, allowing me the same 3 S5 attacks and would give me the option to add something somewhere else...
would this be the better way or should i keep the combo to be save against the ethernal / demonic stuff out there..?

22-08-2005, 21:06
From a fluff standpoint the Black Orc BSB makes more sense and its a bit cheaper so I'd go for that.

23-08-2005, 14:30
erm, yeha, the fluff´s actually my problem...if i use a black orc bsb, i´ll have only one normal orc boss in my army an he´s mounted with his guys, but have 3 other orc regiments and only one unit of black orcs...

26-08-2005, 19:10
well, i´ve played a couple of games with this list (ok, actually, i only have 2 orc regiments, yet and have borrowed the other stuff from an old orc-die-hard player from my gaming club ^^ ) and the list works, more or less, quite well, here´s a short summary:

game 1: da boyz vs. big bad guys in tough armor (chaos undivided mortals)

this one was a nice game, a bit straigt, maybe, but nice anway ^^
i set up as stated above and got turn one. i fought against 2 units of knights, 2 chariots, quite a lot chaos hounds, 2 big marauder units, 2 big units of chaos warriors, a small unit of choosen warriors with greatwepaons (these guys are really nasty, never played against them before..), quite a lot of mounted babarians, 2 small furie units and a unit of horrors. on the character side, he had an undivided lord, 1 scroll caddie, 1 bsb and a tzeentch champ on his flying demon toy.
the game started and i moved forward, not too fast, so i could shoot a bit, but fast enough to get into hth at least at turn 3, all units under my control (whohoooo^^), shooting did not soo much, kille 4 warriors with the stone thrower and shoot one chariot with the spear chukas. magic did nothing.
he move onwards and charged with his mage my arrer boyz (he took shadows for his level 1 mage and really rolled IF for it) with his tzeentch guy, rest moved forward.
next 2 turns, our main armies met near the center of the table, i broke a unit of marauders with the boars boyz, rest of my army hold thanks to my bsb and whaagboss, killing a chariot and 2 knights (yeah, that´s it, got you, orcs are da best muhahaha), sending one unit of knights fleeing but i didn´t get them.
my blackorcs fought against the choosen with greatwepaons and were badly smashed by them, even getting 3 more for results from the start (number and 2 more ranks...), but they hold. tzeentch guys overruned the arrers, magic was quite useless, again.
the next 2 turns were fun, his general meet mine and both of them hacked and fought for the rest of the battle without getting anything, so my big uns and one of his warriorunit were out of the game, but if was fun to see ;) the spearchukkas killed the tzeentchguy after he failed to cast any spell (*hrhrh*), but my blackorcs were overruned by his choosen. i won the fight charging boars against holding chaos knights and killed them all outright, but lose one flanking orc unit to the charge of one babarian unit together with a chariot.
last turn, his other warriorunit charged the rock lobber and overrun, my boar boys killed some babarian riders and the game was over, i lost with VP, but oly slightly, all in all a very fun game ^^

earned lessons:
-choosen are nasty, really nasty...
-the boar boyz are nor only fun but a dread hard unit
-the stuff for my bsb was really helpful, keeping him alive, if i hadn´t have the armor, he´d be dead by turn 3...
-this list generates quite a lot dice and spells in the maic phase, even it doesn´t look so at the beginning, i was able to cast both spells from turn 3 outright, together with the bannermagic from the effigy, not bad for just one shaman

game 2: da boyz vs. the power of humanity (or should i say gunpowder..? ^^)
well, yeah, i faced a lot of musketeers, a cannon, 2 mortars, 2 units of knights and quite a lot infantery, together with a hellblaster. on the character side, he had an elector, 2 mages and a bsbs (as ususal, i think ).
well, this game was not so straight than the first.
first of all, i got first, agains and was able to charge by turn 1 with the boar boyz thanks to their standart with "hand of gork" (i love so many bound item ^^) and charged on unit of kights panter, overrun and was through the lines, good start, i tough. other magic didn´t so much, killed 3 spear guys with the spear chukkas and a knight (together with one of my boar boyz) with a stone aimed on the infantery but scattering 10´´ in the wrong direction *ahem*
well, the empire move a bit, but the shooting was damned effective. i lost 8 black orcs and 12 orcs from one flanking regiment, the unit paniced and run 9´´ back and was effective out of the game (was overruned later by a unit of knights), my shaman was wounded by a 8´´ scattering mortar (must have been a stron breeze there...), but that´s all so far.
the next two turns, i move forward and my blackorcs smashed into the generals spear guys together with one flanking chariot, and i was able to cast "bash ´em ladz" on them, but the damned regiment hold to their griffon standart, so it was to go the hard way, lost 9 big ´uns to the hellblaster and the small orc regiment was whiped out by the charging knight unit. shooting killed some infantery.
my whaagboss´ regiement was charged by greatswords and 2 units of free complany, but my boss, quite angri to get into hth so late showed again how big and evil he was and killed 4 of them while my champ fought a draw with the greatsword´s champ, but even so it was too much for them and they fleed, but could run fast enough, so the greatswords run into the other chariot.
last turn, my boar boyz killed a unit of swordsman while the head of my shaman explodes, my general rallied and waited for the final great sowrds charge, hold and shamshed them to bits this time, but i lost all remainnig balck ocs to the hellblaster and a mortar, whils the other mortar send a unit of orc boyz back to their lines with enough to force a panic test which i didn´t pass.
all in all, a drwa, so not too bad, i think.

learned lessons
-this army doesn´t like shooting...and i have to keep in mind that i CAN´T raise the fallen again to do my biddings...palyed too much undead, i think
-boar boyz are still fun
-black orcs are good, no question, but i should send them against stuff like kinght etc where their high strengh is more effective (against T3 troops with 5+ save they are a bit overkill...), but their boss is just the hell of a unit champion...
-i really miss the handweapon-shield bonus in Hth, but i´m an orc, so i have to be happy with T4 and a choppa

all in all, 2 nice games, but i´ll have to face my worst opponent the next time - my own tournament tomb kings list, a small (only 93 models) but dead hard list i´ve won many a game (and even some tournaments) with... any help against fear cauing enemys when yourself doesn´t cause fear is apprichiated (hmm...i´m starting to miss my undead rules... )