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30-07-2007, 01:13
Our GW is having a battle on Tuesday for 1000 points and my friend is letting me borrow his models for it. This list is kinda restricted model-wise, so I'm more worried about the characters. The shop is requiring us to take the Crown persona for this battle. Comments and critiques are appreciated.

General - Rabe Von Stahl - Blood Dragon
Nightmare, Barding, Shield, Sword of Battle, Ring of Night, Honor or Death
291 points

Hero - Vampire Thrall - Blood Dragon
Great Weapon, Ring of the Night
114 points

Hero - Necromancer - Level 2
Spell Familiar, Enchanted Shield, Book of Arkhan
150 points

Core - 20 Skeletons
Light Armour, shields, spears, full command
245 Points

Core - 12 Ghouls
96 points

Rare - Banshee
90 points

30-07-2007, 17:25
I'm a little unclear on what the special rules are for your game, but your characters are a bit out.

In under 2000pts, you can't have lords, so heroes only. Also no repeat items, or armour/shields on necromancers.

You are better off with 1 lv2 necromancer as your general, give him one of the defensive items on the list (not shields though as necromancers can't have them). Then another Lv2 necromancer with book of arkhan or Staff of Damnation. Then your third should be a combat Vampire, so your Blood Dragon, arm him to kill stuff, then just armour/horse for defense.

With the points saved, get another unit in, I know your down on models, but some knights will help enormously, use anything to represent these, brets, empire knights, chaos knights, all I've seen before in VC armies.

The banshee is a gamble, she'll either die very quickly or kill loads depending what you are up against, I don't banshees unless I'm taking a BSB (this makes her far more useful as she can tarpit bannerless units).

In fact, go with this list (may be a few points out, I'm doing without the book infront of me):

1 Necro level 2, ring of night, black Periapt (general)
1 necro lv2, Staff of Damnation.
1 BD thrall, bsb, horse, hv armour, shield, strenght of steel if you have the points.

20 Skeletons, light armour, spears, full cmd.

10 Zombies (both necros here)

2 units of 6 ghouls.

5 black knights, no barding, standard, keep cheap. (bsb here)


Lose skeles to make up points.

You have 2 blocks: block one (the diverter) is your skeles with the zombies and & necros up against the rear, the flank of these is protected by a ghoul unit. This is here to say 'hello, look at me, shoot at me, I'm a big target with necromancers in, aim at me with your biggest unit please". Staff of damnation gives you re-rolls and hit first with those 11 spear hits, not brilliant but softens their charge, plus you should have enough skeles in this unit then to get the outnumber bonus.

Block two is your killer block, bks supported by banshee (hidden from magic by ghouls). This hits with 8 high strength attacks, 6 low strength attacks + 2 banners, combine this with some raised zombies to deny ranks and you have a game winner, the banshee/ghouls are there to protect this unit.

If you have to take that Lord choice, drop the banshee and replace with knights.