View Full Version : Hellcannon and its crew

22-08-2005, 14:05

Can the Hellcannon still shoot when it has lost its entire crew? Or is it then limited only to its breath weapon?


The Black Aquila
22-08-2005, 14:15
From my understanding the Hellcannon may still fire as normal in the shooting phase as long as it does not rampage into a unit, otherwise if it does it may only spew ichor as it says in the book.

22-08-2005, 14:51
It is treated as a warmachine with some exceptions. The exceptions donīt say anything about further shooting without the normal crew thus Iīd say it canīt shoot anymore just like a conventional war machine - I mean the Dwarves are needed to feed/"reload" the Hellcannon...

The Black Aquila
22-08-2005, 15:34
I misread the Loss of Crew, I thought it says that it rampages normally, thus it will only move the distance if it brings it in range of a unit, but it moves that distance regardless and since I doubt VERY much a stone thrower (since it fires in the same manner, I assume that means it follows the same limitations that it cannot move and fire.) That it may not fire since it must move the distance rolled.

22-08-2005, 17:41
that is correct... it cannot move and fire... so it may no longer shoot...
but i believe it specifically says that it may spew ichor... in combat even... so you can do that...