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31-07-2007, 10:18
Alright so I was totaling up my night goblins and it is pathetic. I bought battle for skull pass and just now bought a box of fanatics. My army looks like this currently:


Night Goblin Great Shaman-150
Skull Wand Of Kaloth +40
Amulet Of Protectyness +25

Night Goblin Big Boss-30
Light Armor+2
Shield +2
Sword Of Battle +15

Night Goblins 3*20=60
Spears 20*1=20
Musician +4
Standard Bearer +8
1 Fanatic +35

Night Goblins 3*20=60
Spears 20*1=20
Musician +4
Standard Bearer +8
2 Fanatics +70

Night Goblins 3*20=60
Short Bows

Forest Goblin Spider Riders 13*10=130
Musician +6
Standard Bearer +12
Spider Rider Boss +12

Troll 40
Stone Troll +20


So a small 850 force... my problem is that this is more of a themed force hence all the night goblins. Yes I realize very unoriginal. The troll is staying cause I like him. So my idea is to pick up goblins from battle for skull pass from other people for way cheap, or just buy another battle for skull pass and sell the dwarves.

So my problem is that this seems rather week of a list with only 40 ng w/ spears and 20 w/ shortbows. A single troll and 3 fanatics plus a high cost wizard.
He is not really meant for combat but will hopefully be able to stand up to it when he gets there. So the idea, buy a box of battle for skull pass and a night goblin box for netters.
If I just added more ng would it work? A few more trolls from bfsp and I think I should be set however I do not often play fantasy.

My local area league for fantasy when it starts back up is a 2250 league. So obviously I will need a load more guys.

What are your suggestions and remember the night goblin and troll theme.

Lord Malorne
31-07-2007, 10:20
you can NOT have a lord type wizard in so few points (2000pts at least)

31-07-2007, 10:38
I know but that is what he will be when I am over 2k points.
This list is still being put together and so right now is a WIP.
If I did play a game then yes he would be down graded.

31-07-2007, 10:45
i'm in the same dilemma as you are cleansingfury. i'll be waiting for comments. hehehe

btw, it's against forum rules to post complete points cost. IP rules and such. just put in total amount for units w/o the breakdowns.

good luck!

31-07-2007, 10:55
Oh that is true, I have never been called on it before unless it was something very specific like when I wanted to post complete stat lines...

31-07-2007, 11:05
best thing to do is this...

20 Zombies
Standard, Musician

or simular... if you are going for 2k of goblins then i would recomend:
spear chukkas, a doom diver, maybe a stone thrower, more goblins with hand weapons nets and a fanatic or 2, maybe some squig hoppers, more goblins, and maybe a few more goblins....

1000pts can have 100+ night goblins, as well as a full complimment of characters, rare and special choices..

warlord hack'a
31-07-2007, 12:59
and do not forget the goblin big boss with very cheap yet hurting goblin magic items (luckýs dirk, wollopas one hit wunda, tricksy trinket, brimstone bauble etc.), the mad cap mushrooms on a shaman, lots of fanaitcs and some wolfriders next to your spiderriders..

oh yes and unless you hate converting: get rid of the spears, they are not worth it on goblins..

Pitr Ironskull
31-07-2007, 18:57
I disagree with the anti-spear sentiment I see so much of. I field one "hammer unit" of 35 night goblins with spears, 7-wide and 5-deep. I throw netters and three fanatics in.

Static resolution is 5 (assuming I outnumber) Most units can manage five wounds against goblins, even with a 5+ armor save from handweapon and shield, so I want to maximize my counterattacks and hope to get a wound or two of my own.

Nothing is more satisfying than breaking a unit and then running them down with night goblins. (And who cares if you pursue through your own fanatics? They're goblins. You'll make more!)

31-07-2007, 19:12

1000 points NightGobbos the Festus way look like the following (as of the models I currently have built - hence the spears in abundance)

NG Shaman 2nd lvl
Dispel Scroll

NG Boss

NG Boss
Lucky Dirk

30 NG

29 NG

25 NG

20 NG

3 Fanatics (put into any unit)

1 Squig Team

1 Giant