View Full Version : Would lots of thunderlords work??

22-08-2005, 20:22
Would this work??

Tyrant with tenderizer, daemon scares, and longstrider
Butcher with bangstick and dispel scroll

3 naked bulls
2 leadbeltchers
2 leadbeltchers
3 Ironguts with champion, standard, and warbanner
3 Ironguts with standard
3 Ironguts with standard
Thunderlord with bull rhinox
Thunderlord with bull rhinox
Thunderlord with bull rhinox
Thunderlord with bull rhinox

This gives me 5 units that cause terror. A lot of hitting power and very little magic defense.

The main problem I see is the low unit number and the low model count number.

Any views?


Fallen Scholar

22-08-2005, 20:48
all i can say is if a unit breaks from combat res, and the rest panics, youve been royally screwed in the ass...

the units are too small to have an effect, and enough hard, ranked up units would make the lost drop like a fly...

a bunch of rhinox mounted flies...

Cpt. Drill
22-08-2005, 20:54
The problem with all the rhinoxes is that they will be deflected by challenges.. and then you will lose every time because you will only get the +5 for overkill and then they will win by ranks standard and outnmber then finally the will have a musician and you will need to take LD6 tests!

22-08-2005, 21:20
Good point on the challenges. What if I changed the champions to standards?

They are 4 different units. That way no challenge is possible.

Fallen Scholar

22-08-2005, 22:34
Well actually it is possible to win. Wound on unit champ+five overkill wounds=six, just good enough.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
22-08-2005, 22:36
Indeed about the challenges. Then you win, and next turn, you challenge, hopefully drawing out their mentalist character ready to stomp his head in.

As for your list, I say stop being such a nambypamby Tyrant, and go for a single unit of 3 Bull Rhinox with mentalist stuff, and do it properly if your going to do it at all!


Lady's Champion
23-08-2005, 12:10
That is a cool army, you could always charge the thunderlords in together