View Full Version : First Bret army and some fluff (2k-2.5k)

31-07-2007, 18:43
Hey guys,

Would appreciate some C&C of my first Bret attempt - some fluff follows.

(1) Lord Monteux d'Lars (Bret Lord) - Virtue of the Knightly Temper, Warhorse, Lance, Shield

(2) Duke Christian d'Lars (Paladin BSB) - War Banner, Virtue of Duty, Lance, Shield, Warhorse

(3) Duke Marcel d'Lars (Paladin) - Virtue of Confidence, Gauntlet of the Duel, Sword of Strength (+1 Str Common Magic Weap.), Lance, Shield, Warhorse

(1) Lady Marie d'Lars (Damsel) - 2 Dispell Scrolls, Warhorse

9 KotR - Command (3)

9 KotR - Command (2)

12 KotR - Command, Banner of Chalons (1)

9 Knight Errant - Command, Errantry Banner

9 Grail Knights - Command, Valourous Standard

The idea is my Lord Monteux d'Lars has begun a crusade against the hordes of skaven in his province. However, as he is constantly moving and roaming he cannot march hundreds of Peasants with his army so uses his knights to lead war to the enemy. The 9 Grail knights each represent a different house of his council, as does each errant knight represent their sons. The (main) characters are each family members, his two younger brothers and his sister, whom are yet to prove themselves fully in battle.

The list is then expanded for 2.5k battles with the additions below which add a little more mobility and defence to the army.

The Lords Emissary
Leon l'March (Paladin) - Virtue of the Ideal, Royal Pegasus, Lance, Shield

The Lords Messengers
3 Pegasus Knights - Command

The Lords Hunters
10 Archers - Skirmish

The Lords horse tenders
10 Archers