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khib yusa
31-07-2007, 20:39

Any ideas about potential issues with this army? the ones I think could happen are at the end of the list.

Grimgor Ironhide- 375
Black Orcs, 29, Full Command, Shields, Nogg's Banner of Butchery- 494

Orc Shaman- Lvl2, Power stone, Dispel scroll- 150
Orcs, 19, Full Command, Shields, Mork's Spirit Totem- 191

Orc Shaman- Lvl2, Power stone, Dispel scroll- 150
Orcs, 19, Full Command, Shields- 141

Orc Shaman- Lvl2, Power stone, Dispel scroll- 150
Orcs, 19, Full Command, Shields- 141

Ruglud's Armoured Orcs- basic unit size- 190

Total- 1982pts

1 Lord
3 Heroes
3 Core
1 Special
1 Rare

Potentially a hard hitting army The Black Orcs with Grimgor in will be hard to shift, actually that is most likely an understatement.
Magic might be an issue if I manage to get miscasts, especially with the Orc miscast table being rather harsh. I can potentially have 12 power dice (not including the power stones, and only 8 if units aren't in combat) and 8 dispel dice (although this can drop to 3 if units start to run away). The army does kinda hinge on one of the Shamen getting the WAAGH! spell. If more than one of them get it I'll be a happy bunny. If all three get it I'll either have Orcs in combat by turn one, striking first with hatred, or I'll have the heads of many Orcs spread about a wide area....
Not too sure about Ruglud's lads (Dogs of War unit), but I need a bit of non-magical fire support since I'm rather lacking in that area, and you can't go wrong with crossbows...

I already have Grimgor and the 29 Black Orc unit. Main emphasis is on footslogging Orcs that are mainly plastic (heroes are the exception). This is one reason why I'm not getting any of the GW Arrer Boyz.

Any input is welcome, although positive input is more welcome...


Khib Yusa

winter has ended
31-07-2007, 20:47
where are these ruglaord orcs, they arnt in the codex? also make your units of rocs 20 at east to get the extra ranks and also extra dispel dice, give one of your goblins the sneaky staff of sttealin, also to take the magic banner you must be big'uns so your points are quite a bit off
alsogoblins dont get the waggh spell only a weaker version which moves one unit, also your black orcs wont last long as he will magic and shoot them as much as he can

khib yusa
31-07-2007, 20:52
Not using Goblins, apologies should have made that clear
I'll edit it.

Ruglud's Orcs are a Dogs of War unit. Basically Orcs with heavy armour and a crossbow.

The Orcs become 20 Strong when the Shaman is added to the unit.

Now where is that 'edit' button?

Da Black Gobbo
31-07-2007, 20:55
It will not work, you don't have any supporting unit, fantasy works with big units backed by little units to win combats, probably your army is very powerfull in CC but a good general with a couple of basic units with light calvary/skirmishers charging to your flanks will make that all your powerfull units flee. This said let's see some points. The super killing unit in witch grimgor is, is very expensive (and overkiller), drop 15 blorcs and the banner of butchery, then drop all the scrolls you have enough dispell dices with the 3 shammans, then add more orcs to your units make them 24 orcs strong, get some wolf riders that are one of the best units that the orcs have, 76 points a unit of 5 with short bows, spears and musician that moves extremely fast and always are worth it, you should think about adding some squig hopers or squigherds, cheap and very good in small units as flankers, also a good option is to add some spear chukkas 2 are 70 points and kill some enemies dead, so finally add a goblin doomdiver or 2 units of 2 stone trolls in order to help your main units, don't forget some good magic items for your shammans as nibblas itty ring, magic paint or Baduumm staff for example. Nothing else to say but goodluck!

31-07-2007, 21:41
^ some sound advice.

Most lists at 2000 pts will have units for flanking.