View Full Version : 2500 TK for a RT, don't be afraid to post!

01-08-2007, 06:03
The following is my list, I'm hoping it is pretty solid-I'd basically try to shoot things up as they would typically have to come to me, especially when my TS/Swarms hit their war machines/shooting and my chariots get a good charge off.


cloak, jar, scroll.

chariot, light armor, great weapon, chariot of fire.

staff of ravening

2 scrolls


2 tomb swarms:90

24 Skeleton archers:202

10 skeleton archers:80

10 skeleton archers:80

20 Skeleton warriors:190
Light armor/shields+banner

20 Skeleton warriors:190
Light armor/shields+banner


4 Chariots:230
banner+sacred eye

5 Carrion:120

3 Ushabti:195

1 tomb scorpion:85




01-08-2007, 12:07
it seems solid i just think that you should drop the big block of archers for 2 units of 5 heavy horses then add 5 archers to the other archer units to fill up the points drop the ushabti they just suck i would much rather have tombguard

01-08-2007, 12:38
do you really think you will need 3 scrolls and 6 dd as magic defence.

If u drop the scroll and 3 archers u can get a 4+ ward save for your lvl:4, I think that would be good.

01-08-2007, 13:45
Change the great weapon for a flail. try to fit the plaque on your hlp. Make to combat skeletons 25. Simply remove a bit of your archers. Also try to put champion in your fighting unit, they are very good at accepting challenges and locking enemy character in combats, that way said characters doesn't kill all your unit, and you have a better chance at keeping the unit strenght and therefore auto-break with fear.

I'm not too sure about the big unit of chariots. It looks like there's a huge red arrow above them with a sign saying "Shoot me! Shoot me!". Unless you manage to hold down cannons or war machines in turn one with your carrions this unit is asking for punishment from shooting. Try to make the ushabti a unit of 4, that way they will divert some of the shooting. Your opponent will have to choose a bit more on what to shoot down.

01-08-2007, 18:42
Erm I like this army alot, dont think you need the casket here so 2 screaming skullz will rock xD

wud drop the dispel scroll on the hlp for a collar of shepesh for the ablity to transfer wounds onto other moddels (alwyas handy ..... better a sw dead than ur hlp)

also agree with Jahorin on flail point, a mean gr8 weapon is only +1 strenagth dur to being mounted while a flail is +2 same as lance apart from u cant use a sheild. But if u anit breaking in the first turn with charriots, you dont have much chance in the second round.

Like the size of the charriots but would go for the mirage standard as it is more than worth its points on charriots. Take the golden eye on tomb gurad, virtaly gives them 360 los