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01-08-2007, 08:05
I am wondering about your thoughts on this list. I need it to be able to travel fairly easily and be effective. So no RAF suggestions (I can take up to 10 peg, but only travel with 4 or 5), or a griffon's. I am more looking at how to fine tune the list with respect to command, and equipment. Perhaps a cool character that I could easily sub for (points wise).

Lord: Knights vow, warhorse, armor of Agiluf (ws 10), Virtue of the impetuous Knight (+d6 charge), lance(192).
BSB: Grail Vow, Warhorse, virtue of Duty, Warbanner (typical +3 Cr), lance(150).
Paladin: Grail Vow, Pegasus, Gauntlet of the Duel, Virtue of Confidence, lance (172).
Damsel: level 1 2 dispel scrolls. (typical caddy). (120).

6 knights of the realm: champion only (144) -- Cheap support troops
6 knights of the realm: champion only (144) -- Cheap support troops
8 knights errant: Full command, errantry banner (201) -- 1st hammer
5 grail knights: Full command, banner of chalons (230) -- 2nd hammer
3 pegasus knights: Full command (195) -- versatile support
5 mounted Yeomen: musician only (82) -- versatile support
25 men at arms: Full command (152) -- cheap ranks/static CR.
16 skirmish Bowmen: std and musician (127) -- 1st ranged threat
Trebuchet: (90) -- 2nd ranged threat.

Little command on the realm knights because they are there for support charges with units that have full command already. 2 fairly decent hammers that will support characters rounding out their ranks. Pegs have to have a std, to support realm knight charges. Yeomen to flush out fanatics, and deflect charges. Enough bowmen to kill 3-4 wounds per turn and the standard for staying power against light shock troops. Treb to hit armor/mega units. Men at arms to soak up death. The general is built to bring the unit to its target and to stay alive (perhaps a better kit could be used), I don't need him to deal massive damage. BSB to give me some versatile CR. Bullet knight to hunt weak models. Scroll caddy to keep me alive till I can get my charges off.

What kind of armies will (skill being equal) should hurt this too much?

01-08-2007, 12:18
ok full command on the knights is a must

01-08-2007, 19:57
Black Powder could hurt a littel. So dwarf mixed arms list ( U know the type, sevral war machines and then a couple of rock hard units defending.)

Bolt throwers, cannons and stubbon units really (which is dwarfs really .... possiblly empire)

apart from that you should be find, possibly the extream heavy hitters may hurt as well but you should have enough static combat res to sort that out pretty sharpish.

02-08-2007, 02:01
@manickze: I can't seem to afford the command on the realm knights. They are not there as hammers, (only 6 models). Being able to get 2 lance formations in can generate enough CR through kills. I'll have to think about where I can get the points.

@Lucky24/7: Great reply, thanks for your thoughtful comments. I suppose that I will have trouble with VC and TK too as the unbreakable will be tough to manage. Using the PK will be vital vs those armies to help generate extra CR.