View Full Version : Chaos Dwarf army for a game tonight

22-08-2005, 22:49
Playing against a mate, Keef, tonight and I thought i would try this list out first......the orc arrer boyz are disposable shooty units...the black orcs are there as a counter charge unit to support the Dwarfs themselves.....the Bull Centaurs are a hammer unit along with the Lord....they will skulk around waiting for an opportunity screened by the Wolf Boyz....Sorcerer with black gem goes in with the large dwarf unit and the other two with the blunderbuss units, the Artillery is there to slow up the opposition and to take care of any cavalry.....what do you think? I am still in the proxy and playtest mode on this army......

Chaos Dwarf Lord- Black hammer, Armour of the Furnace, enchanted shield and Bull Taurus
2 CD sorcerers with 2 dispel scrolls each (if Keef plays his Wood elves I am going to need all of them)
CD sorcerer with Black Gem
16 Blunderbusses with full command
16 Blunderbusses with full command
20 Chaos Dwarfs with Great Weapons and full command
10 Hobgob WolfBoyz
10 Orc Arrer boyz
10 Orc Arrer boyz
12 Black Orcs with great Weapons
2 Hob Gob Bolt throwers
5 Bull centaurs

comes to about 2245

23-08-2005, 00:22
hammer will do u proud... are all new woodie spirits flamable?
i wouldn't run the gem... rather have the level of casting or another scroll... yes another scroll...

im not even sure you can take the arrer boyz in a CD army... they split the orc entry up... and i think CDs ended up without the option... if he lets u fine... but it would be a great excuse to get something better... gobbo archers would do what u want here... and save a wack of points...

23-08-2005, 00:42
Thanks for the advice....the orcs are fine becuase they are orc boyz and from the army book they have the option to take bowz....will think about the gobbo bows....