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01-08-2007, 12:22
im thinkin about starting a very fast mobile hitty and magic heavy army with cult of slaneesh so what do you think

keeper of secrets 625 (slannesh)

sorceress LvL 2 steed tome of furion de spell scroll 182 (dark)
sorceress LvL 2 steed dark star cloak seal of grohnd 187 (shadow)

10 shades 140
10 shades 140
10 devoted to slaneesh standerd 132

5 dark riders mmusican 127
5 dark riders muusician 127

2 reapeter bolt throwers 200

i have 160 points left should i take
A 10 more shades
B 5 mounted demonetes

so is this list playable

01-08-2007, 13:47
...are you sure you want to start an army that is no longer "official"? It is a very cool army, though. :)

About your list, do you have a plan with it? As it stands now, I have a few worries. You could play it kinda like a wood elf list, but you lack the hitters and the shooters. You have a lot of units for baiting and switching, but I'm afraid that you lack the punch to inflict enough casualties in hth, even if you get the charge.

The army is fast, but you're not capitalising on that either with this set-up. Personally I'd love to see 2-3 units of mounted daemonette units (you could always convert some if you're put off by the cost of the miniatures).

You do have magic, but IMO it's risky to rely in that to cause enough casualties. The keeper's lack of flying ability and his large target rule makes him difficult to use properly. I know a lot of cult players went head over heals for the druchii anointed character when this list as first released. He is pretty cool.

But, please, tell us, do you have an overall plan for how the set up should work?



01-08-2007, 14:27
sorry basically i was thinkin of usin the devoted to defend my bolt throwers. my keeper is gonna run up one ofthe flanks (he may not fly but he moves as fast as calvery) i expect him to get a lot of attention but thats ok cuz to face the keeper there showin there rear to mydark riders up the other flanks. and anything really scary ill make useless for a turn thanks to the lure of slaneesh and 11 casting dice. my shades will be shooting the crap out of his army causing panic eerywhere and my dark riders aid in the shooting untill the get sight for a rear charge. and if my keeper survives o god thats gonna be painfull

14-08-2007, 08:39
honestly i think the greater daemon is a waste of points id suggest go with the druchi anointed give him what ever weapon u want if you want some extra magic make him a level 2 sorcerer nuse a level 2 and a noble but with spare points id say go with a hard hitting unit because all your units at the moment have light to no armour and to a good round of shooting u will be left with no force so id say mount your druchi annointed and stick him in a unit of coldone knights they will do some great damage

23-08-2007, 22:38
Magic heavy Cult is the way to go as the troops suck (apart from the devoted, who suck against high armour) and there are only a few good things about it.

I'd recommend NOT taking the KoS as the Annointed is pretty rad.

Shades aren't that amazing to make them your core.

You should read the Slaanesh lore to see that it's tactical not outright destructive meaning you need units with static CR (so spearmen), and such. otherwise what are you really going to accomplish?

25-08-2007, 00:52
Ok, first off, dump the Keeper of Secrets. He's too expensive. Instead, field an Anointed on a steed of slaanesh, quickening blood, a gauntlet of power, and an enchanted shield. Same effect, less points.

Take one unit of shades, and instead of a second, take warriors with repeater crossbows.

The devoted are your block unit, so you will want a lot more than 10. 15-20 at least, with a Warbanner and a hag.

Mounted daemonettes are great if you have extra points. Use them to assist your anointed maybe.