View Full Version : fun 1k Druchii list

01-08-2007, 18:01
Dark Elves: 1000 pts

Noble Saiyauran w/ Army Standard, Sword of Might, Heavy Armor & Sea Dragon Cloak: 125 pts

Lv2 Sorceress Kynmtau Kusara w/ Wand of Kharaidon & Dark Steed: 182 pts

Lv2 Sorceress Dadaji Tymia w/ Darkstar Cloak & Dispel Scroll: 175 pts

5 Dark Riders w/ Repeater Crossbows & Musician: 127 pts

15 Dark Elf Warriors w/ Shields, Musician & Standard: 135 pts

12 Dark Elf Warriors w/ Repeater Crossbows, Shields, Musician & Standard: 159 pts

Dark Elf Chariot w/ Spears: 97 pts

I had a lot of different thoughts about as to who to make my General. I thought of taking Noble Saiyauran with the Blade of Ruin (as I expect to face lots of Knights), but it wouldn't prove nearly as useful against non-heavycav armies. As it stands, if I must have a general, it's Tymia, as she's the harder of the sorceresses to kill as she'll have about 12 bodybags in the way. Kusara's bodybags are 24 pts per model, shouldn't be getting blasted anyway, and will be spending just about all of the game dangerously close to the enemy. Of course, without the Army Standard, Saiyauran becomes the easy General and I'm one Dark Rider / 2 RxB Warriors / 3 Spearelves richer for the sacrifice.

The point of the sorceresses is to screw with enemy firebases. I expect to use this list against Empire mostly, so footblocks will be a lesser worry compared to guns and knights, both of which are relatively easy to victimize with Druchii magic.