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01-08-2007, 22:04
Hello all,

After seeing the new High Elf dragon I have set aside that project (minus the 200 pts/month for ToFP). I have however moved onto my long awaited wood elf army. For the last 1 1/2 years I have been figuring out a way to make them different form the average WE army, while making the list fun, competitive and fluffy. A scheme was killer to come up with. I think I did each season 2 different times on one mini (poor test mini), and I have come across one I really like.

Here is a brief snippet of fluff.

The Dwarf King Kara from the mountains of Lus (east of Pine crags) had come to Athel Loren in search of wood for his great halls furnaces, during the winer months. The original leader of the Kinband was Markoth Ravenbeak, and he failed to protect the borders and a portion of the great coniferous forest was decimated at the hands of the foul dwarfs. As the law of Athel Loren dictates he must depart the band and wander the forest untill he has found atonement. The next to be chosen was his Eldest daughter Vana'mielz Frosthound. As the cold winter winds began to whistle through the mountains, so could the sound of desecration, the sound of dwarf horns, and singing. Vana'mielz called the trusted commanders and the war host of Pine Crags had prepared to meet their foe. She knew it was going to be a long and bloody winter.

So here is the list of Vana'mielz Frosthound (2,000)

Highborn, eternal kindred, a murder of spites, the rhymers harp. @ 255 pts.

Spellsinger, dispel scroll, dispel scroll. @ 140 pts

Noble, bsb, amaranthine brooch. @ 125 pts


10 Glade Guard, longbows. @ 120 pts
10 Glade Guard, longbows. @ 120 pts

20 Eternal Guard, spear-staves, full command. @ 270 pts
20 Eternal Guard, spear-staves, full command. @ 270 pts

*BSB in one, Highborn in the other*

5 Glade Riders, spear, longbow. @ 120 pts

8 Dryads, vicious talons. @ 96
8 Dryads, vicious talons. @ 96

8 Wardancers, standard. @ 158 pts

5 Wild Riders, spear, musician. @ 130 pts

Great Eagle. @ 50 pts
Great Eagle. @ 50 pts

Total: 2000

I think it fits rather nicely as a kinband of wood elves living in the Pine Crags. Now I know it will get raped against magic heavy armies, but do you think I should remove the mage and put in a unit of Warhawk riders?

Comments and assistance is most welcomed.

Drachu Lavieth