View Full Version : what to take to "In the Shadow of Vrathgar's Monolith"

the brewer
01-08-2007, 23:55
well see, on the web site i'm enlisted as a dwarf player, but i also have a chaos army with deamos(also im going to buy a lord of change on saturday), and so i don't know which one to take. taking deamons feels good, and i only played the headless badger scenario with my dwarfs(only game i played from the campaign so far)

what do you guys think i should take deamons(posibly tzeentch[mine] and nurgle[my brothers]) or dwarfs(i take many miners[me likes miners]).

02-08-2007, 14:47
Don't take the campaign so seriously, just play whatever army you want to the most. Daemons would be good, since you might need to bring your own to supply to the evil side.

the brewer
02-08-2007, 15:43
i'm not taking this that serious, but i don't know which army to take. dwarfs were my first army, and i have used them in many games. the deamons i like because of the game(if i play on the good side i won't tell about the deamons until after the game), also my older brother has an army of nurgle beasts and deamons and my younger brother wants to get a khorn army going(when, i don't think he knows), so it would be nice if all three used chaos. although i think the good side would be outmatch big time if i joined the forces of darkness with my brothers, so i was thinking of getting a big bulk of miners near the monolith and prevent deamons from coming in(if a greater deamon comes we are screwed( i think).