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02-08-2007, 01:53
Hero #1 Wood Elf Nobel
Weapons: Great Weapon
Equipment: Light Armor, Amber Pendant, BSB, War Banner

Points: 156 (with eternal gaurd)

Hero #2 Wood Elf Nobel
Weapons: Wardancer Weapon, Blades of Loec
Equipment: None
Kindred: Wardancer

Points: 145 (with war dancers)

Core#1 Eternal Guard X19
Points: 271

Core #2 Glade Riders X6
Points: 120

Core #3 Glade Riders X5
Points: 120

Special#1 Wardancer Troupe X9
Points: 144

Models: 41
Power Dice:2
Dispel Dice: 2
Total Points: 998

what do you think basic idea is EG hold center with BSB LD10 and glade riders and glade riders conrol flanks. Go ahead rip this list to shreads

02-08-2007, 03:33
Not positive on this but I'm pretty sure your BSB cannot actually take a great weapon.

Wardancer noble is fine.

Nobel was a guy, has prize named after him.

Both nobles are Ld 9, not 10.

Units are generally okay although at 1k, a 20-man EG unit is probably a bit too big an investment as they're avoidable.

Also, unless your general is an elf LORD (not noble) your EG unit is special, not core. In 1k this is moot as you still have 2 other core units.

If you want to go this way, playtest it and see how it fares.

The glade riders are a reasonable size with musicians which is the way to go.

The wardancers need a champion to take a challenge for your general. A musician is a reasonable upgrade for the wardancers as well.

One (of several) thing you may have trouble with is the magic heavy list which will be able to reach out and really put a hurt on your none-too-numerous units.

I'm sure others will tell you what to completely replace your current list with based on their preferences for a WE list build. I will only point out that glade guard and dryads are FANTASTIC core troops.